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1. Burg Wächter Digital caliper gauge

Measurement of finest distances and diameters, outside, inside and depth measurable. Easy to use: the instrument is switched on by the ON/OFF button, the unit is selected by the "in/mm" button, calibration is performed by sliding the two legs together and the "ZERO/ABS" button is activated. Adjustment of a relative zero point thanks to ZERO/ABS function, conversion of the specification in inch and mm possible. 

Burg Wächter Digital caliper gauge (15 cm)

Burg Wächter Digital caliper gauge

15 cm


2. Mitutoyo Caliper gauge

MITUTOYO Caliper gauge vernier 0.05 mm + 1/128 inch, 150 / 0.05

Series 530 - Rail and slider made of hardened stainless steel. Scale and vernier matt chrome-plated.

Delivered in own case.

Mitutoyo Caliper gauge (15 cm)

Mitutoyo Caliper gauge

15 cm


3. LogiLink Calipers

Simple and accurate measuring is now even easier with the digital caliper from LogiLink. Suitable for inner and outer dimensions, supports imperial and metric measurement. Easy handling with LCD display and adjustable thumbwheel. 

LogiLink Calipers (15 cm)
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LogiLink Calipers

15 cm


4. Mitutoyo Calipers

Mitutoyo Caliper gauge digital AOS depth gauge rectangular, 150A / 0.01. Series 500 ABSOLUTE AOS Digimatic. depth gauge rectangular. Features: LCD display. ABSOLUTE system. ORIGIN (ABS zero point). AOS (Advanced Onsite Sensor). ZERO / ABS. Package contents: Delivered in case incl. factory certificate. Appropriate batteries: 1 pieces 155051.0365 SR44 (357) / 1.55 V (included in scope of delivery). 

Mitutoyo Calipers (15 cm)

Mitutoyo Calipers

15 cm


5. Toolland Digital caliper gauge

Precision caliper gauge. Measures up to 150mm (6") with a resolution of 0.01mm (0.0005"). Reading in mm or inches on a 5-digit LCD display. Supplied with battery.

Toolland Digital caliper gauge (15 cm)

Toolland Digital caliper gauge

15 cm


6. Tamiya Craft knife

The craft knife is one of the most important tools in model making. The sharp and fine blades enable the finest plastic parts to be cut out of the casting saws and plastic sheets, profiles and decals/stickers to be cut to size. If plastic or adhesive residues are left over after assembly, these can be scraped off with the fine and resistant blade. If a blade is worn out, it can be disposed of without injury in the container provided. Matching replacement blades are optionally available under item no. 300074075. Scope of delivery: craft knife, 25 blades with container. 

Tamiya Craft knife
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Tamiya Craft knife


7. Wolfcraft Stair gauge

The renovation of an old wooden staircase is one of the particularly ambitious DIY projects. However, the stair gauge drastically simplifies the measurement of treads, even for spiral staircases in old buildings: unequal angles, curves and the consideration of expansion joints and material allowances are mastered with ease. The stair gauge combines the advantages of a stair spider with those of a conventional template or angle bevel. Integrated expansion joint wedges and overhang knives for material addition, e.g. for the treads, round off the set. High-quality screws with wing nuts hold the template in a stable position so that you can transfer the measurement safely and error-free to the workpiece. 

Wolfcraft Stair gauge (5 cm)

Wolfcraft Stair gauge

5 cm


8. Technocraft Precision digital calliper

With 7.5 mm high electronic LCD display, stainless steel, thread table on back, locking screw, reading: mm and inch switchable, large digital display with 7.5 mm high digits, incl. 1.5 V battery, battery wear indicator, 4 different measuring modes, high measuring speed 1.5 m/sec..., 0-150 (-300) mm / 0-6 (-12) inch measuring unit: 0.01 mm / 0.0005 inch accuracy: 0.03 mm / 0.001 inch operating temperature: 0° to +40° C- storage temperature: -20° to +70° C 

Technocraft Precision digital calliper (15 cm)

Technocraft Precision digital calliper

15 cm


9. Unitec Feeler gauge

For checking a gap with thirteen blades. Application range: 0.05-1.00 mm. Collapsible.

Unitec Feeler gauge
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12.60per piece for 2 units

Unitec Feeler gauge


10. Helios Preisser Spread

Flat design. With locking screw. Hardened tear-off edge.

Helios Preisser Spread (25 cm)

Helios Preisser Spread

25 cm