Soldering iron accessories

Soldering iron accessories

For electronics enthusiasts and professionals alike, a well-equipped soldering station is indispensable, and the right accessories can make all the difference. Ouronline shop offers an extensive array of soldering iron accessories designed to enhance precision, safety, and efficiency in all your soldering projects.

Among the top-tier brands, Weller Erem stands out with its innovative Blank holder with magnifier, boasting a magnification of x4, ensuring intricate soldering tasks are tackled with utmost precision. CFH is renowned for its versatile Universal torch diamond M70, a tool that lends itself to a range of applications beyond just soldering, including jewelry crafting and small repairs.

For those in need of high-quality soldering paste, Donau's Soldering paste ISO-FLUX tin 20 g is the go-to product, ensuring strong and reliable solder joints. Goobay's offering includes a Professional solder that is lead-free, comes in a 0.56 mm diameter and a 100 g spool, perfect for those looking for an environmentally conscious solution without compromising on quality.

Lastly, Velleman contributes to the workstation's organization and safety with its SILICONE SOLDER SUPPLY, sized at 550 x 350 mm, providing a heat-resistant work surface that also helps to prevent slippages and mishaps.

Whether you're soldering electronics as a hobby or as part of your profession, the right accessories from these reputable brands will ensure your work is not only successful but also enjoyable. Explore our selection to find the tools that will elevate your soldering to the next level.