Safety goggles + face shields

Safety goggles and face shields serve a crucial role in protecting the eyes and face from hazardous materials, flying debris, chemical splashes, and infectious agents. Individuals working in construction, laboratories, industrial environments, or any activity where eye and face protection is paramount, often use these protective accessories. They are designed to offer a shield against risks and ensure clear vision, reducing the chances of workplace injuries. Face shields provide additional coverage for the face, which is especially essential in medical settings or where the risk of splash or particle projection is high.

In our product range, you’ll find top-tier safety goggles and face shields from respected brands, tailored to meet the needs of various users and work conditions. 3M offers the highly sought-after Safety glasses for spectacle wearers - VISITOR, which provide comfort and protection for those who wear prescription glasses. Uvex Safety delivers exceptional protection with their Full-vision safety goggles, engineered for a wide field of vision and maximum durability. For sport and high-motion activities, Julbo presents the Fury Reactiv Performance eyewear, blending high-level eye protection with performance-enhancing design. Bollé’s Blue light safety glasses B714 cater to users who require protection from digital screen light exposure, while Kask’s Plasma V2 is a robust product designed for optimal face coverage and the prevention of liquid splash injuries. These innovative safety solutions ensure that users across various fields can work confidently and safely.