Motorbike headsets

Motorcycle radio products now involve much more than just communication between different riders. Today, for example, a connection to smartphones, music, action cams or navigation devices can be established via Bluetooth, i.e. digital transmission instead of radio. If you ride in unknown areas or generally use your motorcycle very often, you will appreciate these features.
Current headsets usually transmit data via Bluetooth 4.1 or higher, which has a positive effect on transmission quality and encryption strength, unlike wireless. Before buying a headset, you should consider your requirements. Do you own a full-face, jet or flip-up helmet and which radios are compatible? Are you looking for an entry-level device or a double set for easy communication with another rider? Or should it be a high quality device for communication with large groups? Operating time, connection possibilities and ranges (caution: this is measured as the crow flies) can also vary greatly between models.
Also pay attention to the compatibility of the operating system, such as the coupling of a Cardo motorcycle radio and a Sena device. Additional possible features such as voice control, noise suppression, battery indicators, waterproof or key lock can also make your life much more comfortable.