There are mailboxes for indoor and outdoor use. A distinction is made between single mailboxes, double mailboxes and group mailboxes. Single mailboxes or groups of 2 are especially made for home owners. In our assortment we have single mailboxes made of sheet steel, aluminium and chrome nickel steel. Letter boxes made of stainless steel are of very high quality and therefore of course more expensive than e.g. sheet steel letter boxes. Letter boxes made of aluminium are visually very high quality. They are very light, do not rust and are extremely corrosion resistant. The zinc coating prevents the letterbox from rusting when using sheet steel.

Groups of 3 to 12 are particularly suitable for landlords who are responsible for the house inventory and would like to renew the grouping of the mailboxes. These groups are only available for aluminium letterboxes.

Since a letterbox is part of everyday use, a timeless design and solid material are an absolute must. A letterbox must be functional, solid and durable. We distinguish between aluminium, chrome-nickel steel and sheet steel. The majority of our letterboxes are made of aluminium. The mailboxes are available in various colours and designs. In our assortment we carry mailboxes of the brands Stebler, Comsafe, Planetstar, Radius Design, Burg Wächter and Huber mailboxes.