Handles + Bathroom aids

Grab rails, grab bars, toilet grab bars and bath entry aids offer more safety and stability in the bathroom and help prevent accidents. Such important bathroom aids can be easily and flexibly retrofitted in the bathroom. On our online store you will find a large selection of different models of the brands Ridder, Grohe, Wenko, Diaqua and many more. You will find the right safety products for your bathtub, shower or toilet.

For seniors and physically impaired people, daily personal hygiene and especially washing their own body and going to the toilet is a big challenge.It is of central importance to design a bathroom as barrier-free as possible, because physical hygiene and human dignity are close to each other. Personal hygiene is an intimate and highly personal matter. It is important that it can be performed independently and without outside help for as long as possible.

Grab bars for the shower or bath handles for the bathroom offer more freedom in daily personal hygiene. Many edges in the bathroom become slippery during the washing process and are not suitable for holding on to. Therefore, it is worth installing a few well-placed grab bars on the walls above the bathtub, as well as in the shower. Such practical handholds make it easier to enter and leave the bathtub, as well as to pass through it. They provide a secure hold at all times and minimize the risk of slipping.

In our online store you can find bathtub handles in various lengths. Angled models (slightly bent to right-angled L-shape) provide vertical and horizontal support at the same time.

There are several possibilities for mounting. Often drilled with a drill, which usually guarantees a load capacity of 100 kg or more. However, there are also heavy-duty models that are glued or attached to the wall with a suction cup. The latter are suitable for travel or frequent repositioning. Grab bars can be supplemented by bath seats or shower stools.

A bathtub boarding aid helps a person get in and out of the bath, as well as lower themselves into the bath water or pull themselves up out of the bath. They are simply placed on the edge of the bathtub and tightened slightly with set screws as needed. Bathroom aids such as these are aimed particularly at senior citizens, because in old age the edge of the bathtub can represent a major and sometimes insurmountable challenge. It is therefore all the more important to have the appropriate aids for a relaxed bathing experience that give you the necessary safety and independence when bathing.

A similar entry aid, but without the possibility of holding on, is offered by the stool. The advantage of such stools is their anti-slip properties and their versatility. They can also be used to reach high cupboards or to help children use the sink.

The toilet riser stool, also called a folding support handle, is another key element for an accessible bathroom. Most models fold up to save space when not in use. The toilet rise bar is aimed at elderly or physically impaired people. It has several functions. First, the bar serves as a valuable holding option when sitting up or down on the toilet, providing the necessary stability and independence when going to the toilet. It is often mounted on the wall next to the sink, where it provides a support option when brushing teeth or shaving. In addition, the support folding handles can also be used as a towel holder or as a toilet paper holder.