Hand saws

For crafters, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts alike, the hand saw is an indispensable tool, known for its precision and portability. Hand saws are manual cuttingtools featuring a toothed blade used to cut and shape a variety of materials, most commonly wood. Whether creating bespoke furniture, trimming branches in the garden, or engaging in intricate model-making, a hand saw is often the go-to instrument for precise manual cutting tasks. The sense of control and immediate feedback that comes from using a hand saw makes it a popular choice for projects that require a personal touch and meticulous attention to detail.

When selecting a hand saw, it's important to consider the scope of its application. For instance, different saw types are designed for varied materials and tasks - from sawing through hardwoods to crafting delicate joints. Blade length, tooth count (teeth per inch, or TPI), and handle design are key characteristics that can influence your choice. A saw with more teeth per inch will produce a finer cut suitable for detailed work, while one with fewer teeth is ideal for faster, rougher cuts. Ergonomic handle design also plays a crucial role in providing comfort and reducing fatigue during use, thus enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

In our range, you will find an assortment of hand saws curated from top-quality brands. Shogun offers the Original Japan hauling saw, celebrated for its sharpness and effortless pull-cutting motion. Bahco's Hand Garden Saw and Garden Knife are optimally designed for outdoor woodwork and gardening, delivering clean cuts and durability. For those who need a portable yet powerful saw, Felco's Klappsäge 600 is a foldable option that combines convenience with cutting prowess. Craftsmanship enthusiasts will appreciate Pebaro's Professional fretsaw cabinet, which is tailor-made for precision work and artistic projects. Lastly, for heavy-duty tasks requiring a large-scale saw, Silky's Katanaboy 500-5 provides a broad blade and a pull-cutting design that can handle the most demanding cutting jobs with relative ease. Each brand offers distinct advantages, ensuring you can find the perfect hand saw to meet your specific project needs and preferences.