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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Shogun Original Japan hauling saw "Shogun

The ORIGINAL! Tooth cutting on pull, 3 cutting surfaces per tooth for a straight and very clean cut, with ergonomic handle made of hand-friendly rubber, saw blade exchangeable, length 265 mm, 16 teeth/inch. 

Shogun Original Japan hauling saw "Shogun
Hand saws

Shogun Original Japan hauling saw "Shogun

2. Felco Klappsäge 600

Folding saw with pulling cut. Saw blade made of corrosion-resistant chrome steel (length 16 cm). Suitable for branches with a diameter up to 50mm. Reliability: Saw blade made of corrosion resistant chrome steel / impulse heat treatment of tooth tips / clean, precise cut / parts replaceable. Features: conical shape of the saw blade for cutting without jamming / the shape and position of the teeth prevent the saw blade from becoming encrusted / Maintenance-free. Ergonomics: comfortable, non-slip grip. 

3. Felco Tree saw 640

Even with dense plant growth you can comfortably prune branches and twigs up to 12 cm in diameter with the practical branch saw: The saw blade end is extra narrow and rounded. Conically shaped, medium-sized saw teeth ensure a perfect cut without residues. The enclosed case with belt loop has an innovative fastening system for your safety. 

4. Felco Tree saw 630

Tree saw Felco 630.

5. Shogun Spare sheet

Replacement blade "Shogun" for Japan hauling saws. Standard teeth: 16 teeth/inch.

Shogun Spare sheet
Hand saws
Quantity discount
12.– per piece for 2 units

Shogun Spare sheet

6. Silky Bigboy 360-10

Kataba folding saw with soft elastomer and sheathed aluminum handle. All-round saw with coarse toothing. Silky saws are characterized by the special hollow grinding (concave) of the saw blade. This means that the saw blades are thinner in the middle as with the cutting teeth or at the back of the blade, by this special grinding the blade does not need to set the teeth because the friction is already reduced by the hollow grinding. This results in smooth cutting surfaces with the best cutting performance. 

7. Shogun Ryoba

Tooth cutting on tension, high frequency hardened, double-sided toothed blade for longitudinal and cross cuts, suitable for wood, with traditional, straight Ratan wood handle, replaceable saw blade, fine toothing: 3 Schnittfl teeth per tooth, straight, very clean cut. Coarse toothing: set with hardened tips. 

8. Lux Metal saw Classic

La scie à métaux Classic Lux Tools revêtue par poudrage est munie d’un archet à tube carré et possède une poignée-pistolet en matière synthétique. Longueur de lame: 300 mm avec 9 dents par centimètre. 

Lux Metal saw Classic
Hand saws
10.95 was 15.–

Lux Metal saw Classic

9. Felco Saw blades

Clean, precise cut. The tooth geometry ensures better chip transport, a gentle sawing action and avoids kickbacks. Pulling cut for less effort. The shape and position of the teeth prevent the saw blade from becoming encrusted. Cutting without jamming, thanks to the conical shape of the saw blade. 

10. Silky Katanaboy 500-5

This powerful pull saw has a blade no less than 50 cm long, with which you can easily saw through logs 25 cm long. So you can easily compare the Katanaboy to a chainsaw, but without the oil, fuel, noise and pollution. In addition, the saw is light and compact enough to carry in a backpack. This is the ideal saw for big jobs: maintaining paths, cutting firewood or building a shelter during your camping holiday in the forest. You will be amazed at how little energy it takes to achieve so many results. And secretly, it just gives you a great feeling to saw with it! The Katanaboy can handle anything: wet, dry, rotten or hard wood. The strong blades have aggressive teeth and can take a beating. The teeth are uniquely ground into the blade and stay sharp for a long time. The locking knob allows you to fold and unfold the saw easily and quickly. For safety reasons, this is done in two stages: first in half and then (be careful with your fingers!) completely. The ergonomic rubber handle absorbs the vibrations. By using the saw with two hands, your shoulders are relieved, which has a great influence on the cutting force. The Katanaboy is named after the samurai's "katana" sword.