Glass cutter

Glass cutters are specialized tools designed for cutting glass with precision and ease. These tools are essential for glaziers, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts who work with glass in their projects. Whether creating stained glass art, fitting glass for windows or frames, or executing intricate designs, a glass cutter is a vital tool. It typically features a metal wheel or a diamond tip that scores the glass, and an applied pressure then snaps the glass along the scored line for a clean break. Consumers rely on the tool's accuracy and durability for crafting, home improvement, and professional construction tasks.

Leading the market in glass cutter production, Silberschnitt offers a widely popular model renowned for its reliable scoring capabilities. In contrast, Bohle's top-selling Oil glass cutter stands out for its precision oil feed system that facilitates a smoother cut. Wolfcraft is revered for its Professional Glass and Tile Cutter, which is applauded for its versatility in cutting both glass and ceramic tiles. Kukko satisfies the needs for larger projects with its robust Disc cutter, capable of handling glass sheets with a cutting range up to 600 mm. Finally, Lux completes the range with its glass cutter that is favored for its affordability and competency in making straightforward glass cuts. Each brand caters to different aspects of glass cutting, ensuring an option is available for every type of glass work, whether it is for detailed artistic endeavors or practical installations.