With a gazebo or pavilion you create a retreat in your garden for celebrating together and for undisturbed relaxation, a tasteful eye-catcher that can even serve as a shelter for furniture, plants or garden machinery. Whether it's for a garden party, wedding or outdoor dining nook, gazebos protect you from blazing sun in the summer, keep out the wind and rain and can add decorative value to your garden.
Among our many different models, there is sure to be a suitable gazebo for your garden.

There are different types of gazebos with different construction and protection systems that you can choose from. Pavilions can be large, small, festive, sturdy or modern and, depending on the model, made of metal, plastic, wood or fabric. In addition, some of them can be individually combined with roof, side panels or mosquito nets.

Therefore, you should answer the following questions for yourself before buying:
- Should the pavilion be permanently installed all year round or be flexibly adjustable?
- What area and height do you have available?
- Which material do you prefer?
- Where do I want to place the pavilion?
- Are there any trees nearby for falling leaves?

Folding pavilions: Party hosts love mobile folding pavilions and party tents, which can be set up quickly and without tools and placed anywhere. After the party, the gazebos can be folded up and stowed away again, which also makes them good camping companions. Folding pavilions, or party tents, are available in many different sizes. Side walls can be easily closed with zippers, buttons or cords. Most folding pavilions are weatherproof, so they do not mind light summer rain. However, they are not suitable for violent storms or thunderstorms.

Pleated gazebos: Perfect for those looking for relaxation and elegant additions to the garden. Just like gazebos, they provide a nice looking, shady place to read, eat and relax. They usually have four fixed legs made of aluminum or steel and a flexible roof made of plastic or fabric. You can close the sides for privacy or wind protection.

Add-on pavilions: This type of pavilion stands directly against the wall of your house and protects your patio from wind and weather, i.e. from too much sun or rain. With additional side parts you can also shield yourself from outside views. Depending on the model, the roof can be flexibly opened or closed.

Permanent installations or gazebos offer you a weather-protected, stable retreat in the garden. At the same time weatherproof and decorative, there are these all-season pavilions made of wood, steel or aluminimum with a solid roof made of plastic or wood. They usually require a proper foundation and often a building permit. Models with side walls can also serve as a shed for equipment or furniture, or for overwintering plants.

Some tips: Variety for adequate stability on level and solid ground and remove any flexible roofing from your gazebo in high winds or thunderstorms. The life span can be extended well by regular pouring off of rain water, gentle cleaning and professional storage, e.g. over the winter.