Drills + Impact drills

Depending on what the drill is needed for, we suggest looking out for the following properties and functions when making your purchase:
For mobile use or drilling hard-to-reach places, cordless drills
are ideal. Keep in mind that the greater the battery capacity, the longer the drill will remain fully charged. The higher the battery voltage, the greater the drilling diameter. If you attach greater importance to performance than to mobility, you should opt for a corded drill – the greater the performance in watt, the larger the drilling diameter. With regard to its various functions, we would recommend a drill/driver for drilling wood or metal. For brittle walls (stone or concrete) we recommend using a hammer drill. If you need to drill walls and also require a screwing function, an impact drill/driver is the right choice.
The following two product types belong to the drill family:
- Cordless screwdrivers: Generally smaller than a drill and only suitable for screwing.
- Hammer drills: Usually larger than a drill and used for drilling/chiselling walls when a regular hammer drill can no longer do the job.

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Bosch Professional - GSR 10,8-2-LI Set (Rechargeable battery operated, 10.80V)

Bosch Professional - GBH 18V-26 F Cordless Hammer Drill (Rechargeable battery operated, 18V)

Bosch Professional - GBH 2-26 F (830W, 220 - 230 V)

Bosch - AdvancedImpact 900 (Electrical connection, 230V)

Bosch Professional - GSR 12V-15 FC (Rechargeable battery operated, 12V)

Bosch Professional - GSR 12V-15 Advantage set cordless drill screwdriver (12V)

Bosch - GDS 18V-300 Professional (Rechargeable battery operated, 18V)

DeWALT - DCK795S2T (Rechargeable battery operated, 18V)

Metabo - BS 18 Set (18V)

Bosch - PSR 1800 LI-2 Systembox (Rechargeable battery operated, 18V)

Bosch Professional - GSR 18V-60 FC (Rechargeable battery operated, 18V)

Bosch - UniversalImpact 800 (Electrical connection, 230V)

Bosch Professional - GBH 2-28 F (880W)

Metabo - SB 18 L (Rechargeable battery operated, 18V)

Bosch Professional - Cordless drill screwdriver GSR 18V-21 incl. 2x rechargeable battery (Rechargeable battery operated, 18V)