Best Bosch Professional products in the Drills + Cordless screwdriver category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Bosch Professional products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Bosch Professional GSR 10.8-2-LI Set

2. Bosch Professional GSR 18V-55

Cordless drill driver GSR 18V-55. The powerful cordless drill driver GSR 18V-55 Professional with brushless motor is the ideal entry-level tool in the 18V segmentfrom Bosch. Robust and powerful with great power potential of 55 Nm and 1,750 min-1, the tool simply offers maximum efficiency in the workplace. especially when working in wood and metal. Thanks to its 13 mm metal drill chuck from Roehm, it is robust and offers the ideal power transmission for a wide range of drilling and screwing applications. For longer tool life and increased battery life, it is equipped with a brushless motor. The drill driver is suitable for drilling in wood up to 35 mm and in steel up to 13 mm and for screw diameters up to 10 mm. The tool is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18V batteries including ProCORE18V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System). 2 x GBA 18V 4.0Ah rechargeable battery (1 600 Z00 038); GAL 18V-20 Professional charger; 82-piece accessory set; L-Case Pick & Click (1 600 A02 6W3) 

3. Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15

The GSR 12V-15 cordless drill driver from Bosch Professional offers a good balance between power and size.

-Hard torque of 30Nm and 0-1,300 rpm despite handy size
range: drilling in wood with a maximum diameter of 19 mm, in steel up to 10 mm and for screw diameters up to 7 mm
-Ideal for working overhead and in tight places thanks to compact design
-Bright LED light to illuminate the working area
-Electronic Cell Protection shuts off motor in case of overload, overheating or jamming
-Compatibility with all Bosch Professional 12-volt batteries and chargers (Professional 12V System)
-2 gears, autolock, charge level indicator and lithium-ion technology

Included in delivery: Charger GAL 12V-20, 2x rechargeable battery GBA 12V 2.0 Ah

4. Bosch Professional GO

On your mark, get set, go - the Bosch GO cordless screwdriver is intuitive and easy to use and provides excellent results in a wide range of applications. Meet thedemands of every situation - simply push the tool forward or press the activation button to start working with the practical dual activation mode. Use the mechanical clutch to select the appropriate torque level for each task from five torque levels and an "optimum performance mode". Thanks to an electronic brake, this easy-to-control tool stops immediately after deactivation. The Bosch GO is designed for screwdriving work in wood, metal and plastic as well as for work in filigree applications such as motherboards or switch cabinets. It is compatible with all standard USB chargers. The Bosch GO cordless screwdriver also features an easy-grip design for perfect handling when working in various positions. It works quickly and smoothly and reaches speeds of up to 360 rpm, thus ensuring consistently high performance. 

5. Bosch Professional GSR 18V-21

Professional performance: 55 NM hard torque, 13 mm drill chuck and sufficient running time for the main applications,
Bright LED light to illuminate the work area,
battery charge indicator, soft grip for pleasant working conditions

Professional quality: ECP, all-metal gearbox and extremely robust housing for daily use on the construction site

Included in delivery: L-BOXX 136, 2x battery GBA 18V 2.0Ah, quick charger GAL 18V-40 Professional.

6. Bosch Professional GBH 18V-21

The GBH 18V-21 cordless hammer drill from Bosch Professional provides lasting power with 2.0 joules of impact energy and a brushless motor. The highly efficientbrushless tool motor features less maintenance requirements and better runtime per battery charge for reduced downtime and improved tool longevity. The tool features three operating modes for hammer drilling, drilling and chiselling, ensuring high versatility. Durable power to drill numerous holes and 20% more battery life than the previous model. Fully compatible with the GDE 16 Plus dust extractor. The GBH 18V-21 Professional has functions such as LED display, overload clutch, variable speed and Vario-Lock.

Scope of delivery: L-BOXX 136, depth stop and machine cloth
Attention: Delivery without battery and charger

7. Bosch Professional GDX 18V-210 C

Cordless impact wrench GDX 18V-210 C. The powerful GDX 18V-210 C Professional rotary impact wrench is designed for strong performance. offers a high degree of flexibilityand prevents material damage. Two standard operating modes on the user interface. Sheet metal screw (A) and wood screw (B). prevent broken or chipped screw heads. worn threads and damage to workpieces. by slowing down or turning off the rotary impact driver. All operating modes can be individually set via the Bosch Toolbox app. The 2-in-1 tool holder facilitates a quick and flexible change between 1/4"" hexagonal and 1/2"" square tools. Power can be adjusted via three speed/torque settings. which offers greater flexibility and control. This rotary impact wrench is suitable for numerous applications such as screwing in sheet metal or wood screws or tightening and loosening metal screws and nuts (M 6 - M 16). The tool is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System). The GDX 18V-210 C Professional has status display. Belt clip and LED light for better visibility. Cardboard box 

8. Bosch Professional GSR 12V-35 FC Set

The GSR 12V-35 FC Professional cordless drill/driver with brushless motor is the most versatile tool in the 12-volt segment for every application.

System includes four accessories (10 mm drill chuck, lockable bit holder, angle attachment (right-angle) and eccentric attachment) that can be easily changed, combined and adjusted, offering up to 8 configurations and therefore maximum flexibility.
-Extremely compact with (with 35 Nm and 1,750 min-1) simultaneously high power capacity
-Optimal handiness, making it perfect for working in hard-to-reach places
-Brushless motor combined with Electronic Motor Protection provides protection against overload and ensures longer tool life
Versatile: suitable for drilling and screwing in wood (32 mm) and steel (10 mm)
-Compatibility with all Bosch Professional 12V batteries and chargers.
-2 speeds, autolock, belt clip/hook, bit holder, charge level indicator, Electronic Cell Protection, LED indicator, Li-Ion battery, metal gear housing, clockwise/anticlockwise rotation and speed preselection.

Included in delivery: L-Boxx, 2 rechargeable batteries, bit holder attachment GFA 12-X, drill chuck attachment GFA 12-B, eccentric attachment GFA 12-E, angle attachment GFA 12-W, quick charger.

9. Bosch Professional Bohrhammer mit SDS plus GBH 2-28 F, Handwerkerkoffer

10. Bosch Professional Schlagbohrmaschine GSB 24-2