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DIY + Garden

Christmas is one of the most beautiful moments of the year and the anticipation of the festive mood is often felt months before Christmas. Who does not like to bake, eat and simply enjoy the Christmas season together. The festivity, coziness, the common decorating in the Advent season and the natural fir scent are often among the best childhood memories. And now you can bring exactly this festive fir scent to your home with real Christmas trees and fresh Advent wreaths.

Real Christmas tree

A real Christmas tree decorates numerous living rooms during Advent. Probably the most common natural Christmas trees have a sharpened trunk and can be wonderfully placed in the living room with the help of a Christmas tree stand. Such trees are basically only suitable for a single Christmas. However, if you would like to use your Christmas tree also next year, a Christmas tree in a pot is a good choice. With proper care and replanting, such a Christmas tree can stay alive after Christmas and enrich Christmas every year with its natural aroma.

Real Advent wreath

Advent wreath is one of the most important Christmas decorations. By lighting the Advent wreath candles on the four Sundays before Christmas Eve, the Advent season is symbolically celebrated and the anticipation of Christmas grows ever greater. Although an Advent wreath typically contains four candles, you can also find natural Advent wreaths of different diameters and colors with only one large candle or without candles at all. Depending on your wishes, you can also choose from Christmas wreaths made of eucalyptus, moss or very classic fir branches and pine cones.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a real Christmas tree or natural Advent wreath, you will find exactly what you want. In addition, you no longer have to transport the tree or Advent wreath laboriously, but can have it conveniently delivered to your home and thus prepare your home for the festive Christmas season.