Bolt cutters

A bolt cutter is a pliers for the manufacturing process of cutting metal. Usually a portable version powered by muscle power with both arms is meant; for lighter applications there are one-handed compact bolt cutters. 

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KNIPEX - Bolzenschneider 71 72 460 (460mm)

KNIPEX - Rohrschneider (210mm)

Rothenberger - Biegegerät Minibend, 6-8-10 mm

Rothenberger - Rohrabschneider TUBE CUTTER 12

Rothenberger - Prüfpumpe TP25, manuell 60250

KNIPEX - 71 72 610 (610mm)

Rothenberger - Rohrabschneider INOX TUBE CUTT

Rothenberger - Industrial Standhahnmutter-Sch (300mm)

KNIPEX - Rohrschneider für Verbund- und (210mm)

Rothenberger - Industrial Gewindeschneidklupp

Rothenberger - Standard-Rohrbiegegerät 25133 (390mm)

GEDORE - valve wrench

KNIPEX - Bolzenschneider Cobolt (200mm)

KNIPEX - Bolt Cutter Cobolt (200mm)

C.K. - Standhahn nut bowl T4311

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