Bolt cutters

Bolt cutters are robust hand tools designed to cut through heavy materials such as bolts, wire, chain links, and padlocks. They are indispensable in construction, electrical work, and emergency rescue services. Individuals in these fields rely on the durability and precision of bolt cutters to perform tasks efficiently and effectively. Homeowners also find bolt cutters useful for DIY projects, fencing, and general maintenance tasks that require cutting thick materials that standard pliers cannot handle.

In our selection, Milwaukee shines with its M12 PCSS-202 Battery Stainless Steel Pipe Cutter, ideal for those needing a reliable and portable solution on the go, powered by a 12V battery and efficient enough to handle pipes of 12 - 28 mm diameter, with the convenience of two additional batteries and a charger. Ridgid's Pipe cutter 152P stands out for plumbers and DIY enthusiasts for its sturdy design and ease of use. Rothenberger offers the innovative Suction-pressure cleaner Ropump Super, which demonstrates their commitment to providing versatile and powerful cutting solutions. Knipex impresses with its precision-engineered TubiX Pipe cutter, catering to professionals who require accuracy in their work. Last but not least, KS Tools' Automatic pipe cutter is favored for its user-friendly operation, making quick and clean cuts an easy task. Each brand brings a unique set of features tailored to meet the diverse requirements of professionals and hobbyists alike.