Bathroom fittings

Taps are used mainly in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. We all use countless taps every day, for example, when showering or washing our hands. The term originates from the plumbing sector. Taps are also referred to as faucets or fittings.

Bathroom fittings typically include sink taps, bathtub taps, shower heads and bidet faucets. Somewhat less commonly used are thermostatic valves, concealed fittings or multi-control valves. However, each of these has its own advantages. For example, concealed fittings can be elegantly hidden behind the wall.

A beautiful ceramic, brass or stainless steel faucet can give the bathroom an individual and refined touch. Bathroom fittings are an important design element to keep in mind.

Bathtub faucets are usually attached to the wall slightly above the bathtub and mounted with two holes. Shower faucets are often equipped with a lever, so that water strength and temperature can easily be regulated even with closed eyes. Sink faucet also often come as single-lever faucets.

In bathrooms, two-handle faucets are still quite common. In these models, the hot water (left) and the cold water (right) are controlled separately by turning the knob to varying degrees. Two-handle faucets may seem less modern, but they can be quite stylish.