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Drehmomentset A1
PB Swiss Tools Drehmomentset A1

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User dhagarty
Drehmomentset A1

Like all Swiss Tool products, this is a very nicel...

Like all Swiss Tool products, this is a very nicely made tool, but I have to say that mine arrived with what seems like an empty battery. The battery, according to the instructions is supposed to last 10 years, but it seems empty on arrival.

It can take about 15-20 mins to turn it on (putting it in a warm place like a pocket seems to help) and it will eventually turn on with a "LoB" sign. Not sure what that means, since it's not in the instruction booklet, but I assume it's a Low Battery indicator.

Then I can use the tool. Obviously waiting 15-20 mins to get it turned on isn't ideal. I guess I will see what the Galaxus guarantee is like (although carry in isn't that helpful when you order it online).

One last thing is that the foam in the top of the box the tool comes in doesn't appear to be properly fixed. Every time you open it, it falls out and the pieces fall all over the bench. Somebody has tried to fix it with a piece of sticking tape, but it's not very good for a tool costing over CHF200.

One minor, but nice to have would be if the device indicated imperial units in in-lbf as well as ft-lbf. Although it's not too hard to multiple the ft-lbf x 12 to get in-lbf. Many of the torques I have to use are in in-lbf.

Another nice point would be if they could include an attachment to be able to use the normal "precision bits" included in this toolset. You have to buy it (PB 225 M) separately (and Galaxus don't stock it).


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