• Freecom 4+ JBL DUO
  • Freecom 4+ JBL DUO
  • Freecom 4+ JBL DUO
  • Freecom 4+ JBL DUO
CHF 445.–
Cardo Freecom 4+ JBL DUO

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18 answered questions about Cardo Freecom 4+ JBL DUO

User skyrex23
User brunolemotard
Accepted answer

Pour ma part je l’ai acheté en duo car mon fils a commencé la moto et ça coûtait moins cher et nous l’utilisons séparément mais aussi en duo lorsque nous allons faire un tour ensemble, les 2 possibilités marchent très bien

User georgios.koukoulieros
User LooKahs
Accepted answer

With a lot of faff and retrofitting a helmet which you'd be willing to cut up to make space for the ear pieces, yes it could maybe function.

Sena cycling helmets with in built intercoms might be a better solution. I have not personally tried them but do look it up.


User franco84