Travel towels

A travel towel is small, light and dries quickly. On no adventure should your bath, shower or face towel become a burden. This is why travel towels are made of microfibres. Some of these microfiber cloths have a smooth surface, other travel cloths are roughened and feel similar to terrycloth. The time they take to dry is astounding. Our most popular brands are Sea to Summit and Pack Towl. 

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Cocoon - Microfiber Towel Ultralight (80 x 150 cm)

Cocoon - Ultralight (60 x 120 cm)

Cocoon - Microfiber Towel Ultralight X-Large (80 x 150 cm)

Vaude - Sports II (60 x 120 cm)

Dock & Bay - Cooling cloth Cabana Collection

Cocoon - Microfiber Towel Ultralight (120 x 60 cm)

Sea To Summit - Tek (70 x 150 cm)

Cocoon - Terry Towel Light (80 x 150 cm)

PackTowl - beach towel (150 x 91 cm)

Trevolution - Microfibre bath towel

Sea To Summit - pocket

Slowtide - Cast Towel

Cocoon - Microfiber Towel Ultralight Large

Trevolution - Microfibre bath towel