Best products in the Life jackets category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Speedo Croc

Kids swim vest with Kroki motif. Child swimming aid, meets European and Australian safety standards. Do not leave children unattended while using the product.

2. Konfidence Kinder-Schwimmweste

Unlike the usual swimming wings, your children have ideal freedom of movement for their arms. The supple neoprene material is very comfortable to wear, and your children will appreciate the pleasant warmth that comes from this jacket, especially in cool water. The jacket has several pockets that contain the buoyancy material. You can remove these blocks individually and thus optimally adjust the buoyancy of the swim jacket to your child's swimming performance. The buoyancy aid keeps your child in a vertical position and above the water. The back is bright yellow and ensures that you can see your child immediately. Note: Recommended body weight: 20-25 kg. 

3. Beco Sealife

The vest is one according to the latest safety guideline EN13138-1:2014. The vest for children made of skin-friendly neoprene. It is characterised by its particularly high wearing comfort and allows maximum freedom of movement. The vest can be additionally secured to the body by an adjustable leg strap, which prevents the vest from slipping. Variable buoyancy elements guarantee an optimal and adjustable buoyancy. Suitable for 18 to 30 kg body weight. Size M for 1 to 3 years. 

4. Konfidence Life jacket

5. Speedo Sea Squad

Children's swim vest with koala motif, suitable for children aged 2-4 years from 15 to 20 kg. Child swimming aid, meets European and Australian safety standards. Do not leave children unattended while using the product.

6. Mesle NeoLite life jacket NYO 3D men

Die NYO Auftriebsweste hat das neue entwickelten NeoLite 3D Material verarbeitet. Dieses hat eine ähnliche Optik und Eigenschaften wie Neopren, ist jedoch deutlich leichter, atmungsaktiver und fühlt sich angenehm weich an. Der flexible PVC Schaum bietet genügend Auftrieb, sowie rundum Prallschutz. Große Armausschnitte sorgen für eine erweiterte Bewegungsfreiheit beim Stand Up Paddeln, Wakeboarden oder Jet-Ski fahren. Dank der zwei robusten Gurten mit Steckschnallen kannst du die Schwimmhilfe perfekt an deinen Körper anpassen, sodass nichts rutscht. Fixere die Gurte einfach mit den Belt Clips, damit diese nicht herumhängen. Wähle die passende Größe nach deinem Brustumfang aus: Größen (Brustumfang, Körpergewicht): XS (82-88 cm, 30-50 kg), S (88-95 cm, 40-60 kg), M (95-101 cm, 50-70 kg), L (101-107 cm, 60-80 kg), XL (107-114 cm, ab 70 kg), 2XL (114-120 cm, ab 70 kg) u. 

Mesle NeoLite life jacket NYO 3D men
Life jackets
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Mesle NeoLite life jacket NYO 3D men

7. Helly Hansen Jr Safe+

The unique asymmetrical design helps turn the child into a safe floating position, keeping the mouth and nose out of the water. ISO 12402-4 certified life jacket offering the most up-to-date certified life protection available. Soft foam for lasting comfort for hours of use on or near the water.

8. Indiana Stamina Vest

The high-quality and very comfortable certified Indiana Stamina Vest is available in two different sizes. Those who like to go on extended tours, leaving the 300 meter shore zone, are on the safe side with the Iso Certified Indiana Vest.

9. Follow Order Mens Iso N50 Sup Jacket

Raised Follow screen printing compliment the metallic silver hits. When it’s all placed over the fever dream pattern the Order is one of the most unique CGA Vests on the market. An array custom stitch detailing and strategic segmentation for maximum movement when on the water ensure that you can face the rigours of everyday riding with freedom and safety.

Construction Features
• Thumb Grip for easing
• High end materials for a sharper look
• Featherweight PVC Foam for the softest CGA foam available.
• Dual Layer Fabric for extra strength.
• Segmented Panels for added movement.
• Expander fit back for maximum fit adjustment.

HappyFit Tech Description
We like to say the HappyFit is made for those with a ‘keg’ and not a ‘six-pack’ but this vest is much more than just a larger cut. A more relaxed fit is less demanding on its relationship with the torso while the Side Flex Panels & Segmentation ensure the integrity of a customised fit and feel. Larger arm holes give a more traditional array of movement. If you’ve been feeling like other vests hug a little too tight, a HappyFit vest is the one for you.

Featherweight Foam
There are two ways to keep a life jacket as light as possible: reduce water absorption and use the lightest materials we can get our hands on. Our featherweight foam is the best of both worlds. No kidding. Feel it for yourself.

Dual Layer Construction
Wet neoprene increases in size by roughly 10%, depending on thickness and materials. We use both external and internal neoprene layers to minimize this effect. Dual-Layer Neoprene keeps the vest fitting as intended and helps to reduce chest expansion in the water.

Reduced Foam Panel Segments
Follow works closely with our factory to minimize the foam pocket sizing and to use a direct stitch-through process to manage areas that are prone to movement. This keeps all our foam in place for years to come.

10. Prolimit Action vest