Best Airex products in the Yoga mats category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Airex products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Airex Corona 200

The Airex Corona has been the most popular training mat for years. It offers excellent training properties. The AIREX Corona meets all the important requirements that health professionals expect from a perfect training mat. No wonder that the Corona has become the number 1 mat for physiotherapy and personal training. It offers enough space for all kinds of exercises and is comfortable enough to keep the user motivated. The Corona has first class comfort, feels pleasant against the skin and is highly hygienic. The Airex Corona exercise mat is also used in club sports, gyms, therapeutic facilities, home and office. This mat is suitable for outdoor use and can even be used in water. 

2. Airex Coronella 185

The gymnastics mat Coronella 185 is the all-rounder among the AIREX mats. Dimension, skin-friendly material, powerful hygiene protection, slip and slip resistance as well as an almost infinite service life are ideally combined. It is also characterized by an optimal damping behaviour. In this way, joints, ligaments and tendons are sustainably protected, even if there are already problems with e. g. knees or back. 

3. Airex Corona 185

The Airex Corona 185 has developed into a "must have" mat for physiotherapists and personal trainers. Thanks to its particularly comfortable width of 100 cm, it can even accommodate two people. Therefore, it is ideal for all therapy applications and training forms, where therapists or trainers support. At home it offers enough space for partner exercises on the mat. The Corona is also characterized by its great damping properties and, above all, by its long service life. Like all Airex products, the Corona also fulfils all requirements of the CE93/42/EEC medical directive. 

4. Airex Fitline 180

The Airex fitness mat Fitline 140 is the classic beginner's model for training at home. Its dimensions are comparable to the Coronella 185, but at 1 cm it is slightly thinner than the comfortable Coronella. Nevertheless, it offers good cushioning during the exercises, so that you can train gently and efficiently on the Fitline. The Fitline 180 is very light and handy and fits into any sports bag. 

5. Airex Gymnastikmatte Corona Schiefer, 200 cm

Airex Gymnastikmatte Corona Schiefer, 200 cm (15 mm)
Yoga mats

Airex Gymnastikmatte Corona Schiefer, 200 cm

15 mm

6. Airex Fitline 200

AIREX® Fitline mats are the ultimate choice for sports and training and are used by countless top athletes around the world. The Fitline is a classic fitness mat that is often used for group fitness classes in gyms. Unlike the Fitline 180, the Fitline 200 is extra long and extra wide. The extra length of 200 cm allows even taller users to better orient themselves on the mat. The 80 cm width also helps extend freedom of movement. 

7. Airex Calyana Professional Yoga

The CALYANA yoga mats offer a permanently optimal grip and are 100% non-slip thanks to their textured surface and the circular underside texture. The mats stay firmly on the floor even during dynamic exercises. Hands and feet do not slip away even during sweaty exercises. In addition, the CALYANA yoga mats offer a pleasant feel and are extremely dimensionally stable. 

Airex Calyana Professional Yoga (6.80 mm)
Yoga mats

Airex Calyana Professional Yoga

6.80 mm

8. Airex Retaining strap

Width: 6.5 cm; Length: 57 cm; Thickness: 0 mm; Colour: Grey; Sport Type: Fitness.

Airex Retaining strap
Yoga mats
Quantity discount
6.15 per piece for 3 units

Airex Retaining strap

9. Airex Coronella 200

The material specially developed for the Airex Coronella is exceptionally dimensionally stable and withstands even high physical loads. The sports mat is incredibly easy to roll up and stow away at any time. The Airex Coronella is a standard piece of equipment in first-class gyms and sports clubs, used by personal trainers. It was developed in collaboration with athletes and therapists to fully meet their requirements. 

10. Airex Coronella 120

The material specially developed for the AIREX® Coronella is extraordinarily dimensionally stable and withstands even high physical loads. The sports mat is incredibly easy to roll up and stow away at any time.