Best P.A.C. products in the Balaclavas + Neck warmers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best P.A.C. products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. P.A.C. Original Multifunktionstuch

MicrofibreThe P.A.C. Original is made of 100% microfibre, which results in noticeable benefits on the skin. P.A.C.'s microfibre is much thinner than a comparable garment made of polyester and therefore does not weigh down. The pleasantly soft feel and the absence of additional non-ecological materials, such as elastane or lycra, are very important to us, especially in the neck and head area. BreathableThanks to the thin material, the P.A.C. cloth is very breathable and therefore does not weigh down. It is also a useful accessory for sports and leisure activities on hot summer days. odour inhibiting P.A.C. has also chosen SILVERPLUS, one of the world's leading products, for the antibacterial finishing of our cloths. Of course, P.A.C. also attaches great importance to the use of ecologically harmless materials in this area and creates... 

2. P.A.C. Filter

Tested by the Swiss SQTS laboratory. The mask has a compartment for a replaceable filter (3 filters included). With its flexible nosebands, stretchable elastic bands and ergonomic 3D cut, the mask can be customized to your individual needs. 

3. P.A.C. Twisted Fleece

Made in Germany / Two-layer system forms air cushion for higher cold insulation / Through reversible function inside & outside different heat levels / Antibacterial / Breathable / Odor-resistant / Pontetorto stretch fleece / 100% polyester. 

4. P.A.C. . Recycled Merino Tech

100% recycled / Reversible design / High-tech functional fiber combined with recycled merino wool / Technical performance fiber reinforced Advantages of merino wool: Perfect thermoregulation & moisture transport / High skin tolerance / Odor-resistant / Guaranteed no mulesing / Made in Germany MATERIAL: 55% POLYESTER (RECYCLED), 45% WOOL / WOOL (RECYCLED). 

5. P.A.C. . UV Protector +

Made in Germany / High UV protection: sun protection factor UPF 40+ / 100% COOLMAX® EcoMade from recycled PET / 100% seamless / High moisture transport / Breathable / Fast drying / MATERIAL: 100% POLYESTER (COOLMAX® ECOMADE). 

6. P.A.C. UV Protector multifunctional cloth

Technologies:100% CoolmaxCoolmax is a special performance fibre that accelerates the transport of moisture away from the skin and enhances breathability. This creates a pleasant, cool and dry climate on the skin during any activity. Thanks to the careful processing of the Coolmax fibre, the product is very easy to care for and simple to machine wash.UV-ProtectionSpecially for the hot summer months or hot holiday countries, the P.A.C. UV Protector + cloths are equipped with an extra high UV protection and thus protect the neck and head from burns caused by the sun.ThermoregulationThe P.A.C. Original is thermoregulating due to the use of a very thin microfibre. Through PAC's special knitting process in combination with the refined microfibre, the cloth absorbs sweat and moisture well and returns them directly to the skin. 

7. P.A.C. Ocean Upcycling

Cosy multitube by P.A.C. made from 100% recycled material. For the Ocean Upcycling products P.A.C. uses marine waste and old PET bottles. This resource-saving Multitube is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. - Details: - Made in Germany - Pontetorto windbreaker & Pontetorto fleece additive for extra warmth - Material specifications: 100 % polyester - Season: All-season article - Type: tube scarf Features - Properties: breathable. 

8. P.A.C. Merino Wool multifunctional scarf

The Merino Wool P.A.C. - 100 % Made in Germany.P.A.C. Merino wool:Compared to normal wool, merino wool offers a particularly fine fibre. Due to the extreme weather conditions to which merino sheep are exposed in nature, the wool has an extremely thermoregulatory effect and is able to conduct moisture away from the body particularly quickly. This creates a warming protective layer for the body, even when wet. In contrast to normal wool, merino wool does not scratch even when wet. Merino is therefore particularly suitable for wearing directly on the skin. At the same time, merino wool can also be worn very well in warm summer weather, as its high breathability has a cooling effect and its natural sun protection factor, pleasant feel and fire resistance make merino wool one of the most sought-after fibres at present... 

9. P.A.C. Kids Original

Made in Germany / 100% polyester (microfiber) / 100% seamless / Multifunctional / Antibacterial / High moisture transport / Breathable / Odor-resistant / Quick drying.

10. P.A.C. . Anti Mosquito

Repels mosquitoes and ticks / Free of toxins without DEET & Permethrin / Biodegradable / 100% seamless / Multifunctional High moisture wicking / Breathable / Quick drying / Made in Germany / MATERIAL: 100% POLYESTER.