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    Gummy bears and bluff notes: how to hike with kids

    by Katja Fischer

Hiking boots

Hiking shoes are one of the few items that you absolutely need for hiking. On a longer hike, hiking and trekking shoes can make your life easier. With the right footwear you are safer on the road and walk more comfortably over hill and dale.
At Galaxus you will find brands like Meindl, Lowa, Salomon, Mammut or Scarpa, which have been producing hiking shoes for adults and children in different sizes and colors for many years.

Before buying a particular shoe model, you should think about some factors. The shoe size should always be chosen slightly larger than usual casual shoes. The reason for this is the thicker hiking socks and the sliding forward in the shoe when you go downhill. For these reasons you can add 0.5 cm.
Do you often hike in challenging terrain? In difficult terrain it is better to go for a stiff, cushioned and resistant sole. On an easy hike, the rolling resistance, cushioning and stiffness may be less than on alpine hiking routes in the high mountains. In addition, the more inexperienced the hiker, the more stable the hiking boot should be.
In difficult terrain or bad weather, a deep sole profile is recommended to ensure grip and prevent slipping. When it comes to the upper, a basic distinction is made between low, mid and high. For easier hikes, a light, low (Low) or half-high (Mid) hiking boot is sufficient. On more demanding trekking and alpine tours, however, the foot needs more support and good ankle hold (High).
Membranes and a robust upper material protect the hiking shoe from moisture from the outside and transport moisture from the inside to the outside. Brands like Salomon, Mammut, Meindl, Merell and Salewa use Goretex membranes, Keen and Columbia have developed their own membranes with Keen Dry and Outdry.