Fishing rods

The fishing rod is a central element in the fishing equipment. When choosing the right fishing rod is crucial, which fish you want to catch when and where with what technique. Different types of fishing rods can help you with this.

Basically, all fishing rods can be divided into two basic types. Telescopic rods consist of several parts and can be pushed into each other for transport. Plug-in rods consist of several parts and can be plugged together. Fishing rods further differ in their length, weight class, strength and stiffness. The shape of the handle is also crucial and important for the fishing technique. The list of fishing rod types is long. There are ground rods, spinning rods, baitcasting rods, fishing rods, Bolognese rods, feeder rods, fly rods, carp rods, boat rods, surf rods or ice fishing rods.

Once you have chosen your fishing rod, the casting weight plays a big role. The bigger the target fish, the bigger your lure and therefore your casting weight. If you choose a casting weight that is too high, the rod will be rather inaccurate when casting. If your casting weight is too low, in the worst case it can cause the rod to break.

The length of your fishing rod is also crucial. Basically, the longer the rod, the further you can cast. In a lake it is often better to be able to cast a little further. In a stream, on the other hand, you tend to have shorter distances and therefore need a shorter rod.