Fishing bait

What bait you take for fishing depends on what target fish you want to catch. Essentially, the bait should correspond to what your target fish eats. Basically, all artificial lures can be classified by their texture and shape. Softbaits, hardbaits, tin baits and hybrid baits are the main categories.

Soft baits, called softbaits, include rubber lures, twisters, frogs and insect imitations. Hard baits, called hardbaits, include plugs, crankbaits, jerkbaits and poppers. The sheet metal lure category includes spinners, spoons and jiig spinners. Hybrid lures consist of a hard part and a soft part. The soft part can usually be replaced if it is damaged.

In general, it can be said that softbait lures tend to be cheaper to buy and fish are less wary of bumping into them than they are with hardbait lures. Hardbaits, on the other hand, have better action and overall durability. In addition to their texture, lures may come with additional features. In murky waters, light reflection plays a role. UV-active lures work well in twilight, greater depths or in very murky waters. Another way to attract fish is to use lures with scents such as garlic, bee maggot, fish or DNA scents. Baits with rattles spread sounds in the water, attracting the fish.