Fishing reels

Fishing reel is one of the most important components on the fishing rod. There are three types of reels: Stationary reels, multi reels and running reels. Fishing reels differ mainly in shape and positioning. The stationary reel is attached to the bottom of the rod, while the multi reel is attached to the top. Fishing reels come in different sizes, also called series.

The smaller fishing reels, i.e. from series 1000-2500, are used for simpler fishing. For example, for light spin fishing with spinners, spoons, rubber baits and light plugs. The larger the reel, the larger the dimensions. That is, the braking force becomes higher, the reel has a higher line capacity and the weight tends to be heavier.

The gear ratio determines the ratio between the spool rotor and the crank rotation. If the specified ratio is 5.1:1, it means that for one turn on the crank lever, the spool rotor makes 5.1 turns.

To understand which ratio is best, keep in mind that with a high ratio, e.g. 6.0:1, the line feed will run faster than with a lower ratio. For a slow bait guidance in the water you should rather choose a deeper gear ratio. For a faster guide, a higher gear ratio is needed. Which speed is most suitable is decided by the target fish and the lure used. As a beginner, you should choose a gear ratio in the middle range.