Cycling pants

Hardly any other piece of clothing is as important for comfort when cycling as cycling shorts. Cycling shorts are worn directly on the skin, whether on the bike, racing or trekking bike. It must fit snugly and must not create any friction or cut into any part.

In addition to the different trouser lengths, cycling trousers differ in their intended use. A mountain bike shorts has a wide cut, is made of robust and at the same time breathable material. It combines casual looks with functionality. Under the bikeshorts is usually an airy inner pants with seat padding worn. Racing cycling shorts are often made of elastic lycra and have a tight fit, which improves aerodynamics. Bicycle shorts with straps are also called bib shorts or bib tight. The advantage of bib shorts is the secure fit, the good wearing comfort and the protection of the kidneys against cool wind.

A central aspect when buying a pair of cycling trousers is the seat padding, which significantly improves the seating comfort. A good foam padding relieves the exposed pressure points on the pubic bone and sit bones. This allows the blood to circulate better and prevents possible feelings of numbness. Seat cushions can have different thicknesses and foam densities. Sporty drivers choose thinner seat cushions for a more direct driving experience. A thicker foam is important for more comfort over long distances. Those who spend a particularly long time in the saddle can use seat cream for even more comfort. This prevents chafing and inhibits the formation of bacteria. It is applied directly to the seat cushion or smeared onto the skin.