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    Handy helpers for families – here are the products parents shouldn't skimp on

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Bike trailers

With a bicycle trailer, children, dogs, luggage or shopping can be transported safely and comfortably by bicycle. In particular the versatile child trailers are today a firm component of the everyday life of many active families. They are often suitable not only for cycling, but also for jogging, shopping, cross-country skiing or skating. The bike transporters for children also offer more flexibility, safety and comfort than conventional child seats. When buying such a bicycle trailer, you should pay particular attention to the possible applications, equipment, weight, size, storage space, number of seats and scope of delivery. Children can be transported in a bicycle trailer from about six months of age.
With the bike transporters for dogs your four-legged friend is also at the start of every bike tour. Some models are also suitable as comfortable transport boxes, for example in the car.
When you buy a transport trailer, you should think above all about where you want to use it most: as a comfortable bike shopper, as an efficient transport vehicle for transporting larger items or as a valuable travel companion? Accordingly, the various trailer models differ primarily in weight, size, loading area, loading capacity, centre of gravity and equipment.