Bike racks

Bicycle racks are ideal for transporting your bicycle quickly, comfortably and safely by car - whether on holiday, on a weekend trip to the mountains or for a spontaneous bike tour after work. They provide a practical and flexible means of transport and not only give you more storage space inside the vehicle, but also make the transport of your bike safer and more stable. You can also take the bike with you even when it is dirty.
Bicycle racks can be installed on the tailgate, on the trailer hitch or on the roof. Accordingly, a distinction is made between rear carriers, trailer hitch bicycle carriers and roof carriers. Bicycle racks are compatible with the most common car types and are usually very easy to assemble. In any case, we advise you to check the compatibility with your car on the manufacturer's side, as some vehicles require additional kits. Most models allow you to transport several bikes at the same time.

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Thule - EasyFold XT 3

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