Best Thule products in the Bike racks category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Thule products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Thule Velospace XT 2

Specially designed for large and heavy bikes such as e-bikes, fat bikes and downhill MTBs, you can use the Thule VeloSpace XT 2 clutch carrier just as well for other bikes down to children's bikes. This all-round bicycle carrier is a real all-rounder. Thanks to the high payload of the carrier, the extra large distance between the bikes as well as extra long wheel rails and rim retaining straps you can be sure to be able to transport almost any type of bike. Mounting and adjusting the Thule VeloSpace XT 2 to the car is also very simple. As soon as the bicycle carrier sits on the trailer hitch, it stabilises itself and can be positioned correctly. To further enhance comfort, an optional transport wheel can be attached to the carrier, making it easier to transport to and from the car. 

2. Thule Frame adapter

Adapter for the safe transport of bicycles with carbon frame. The pressure for fixing is distributed over a large area to avoid the risk of frame damage. Suitable for all types of frame geometries and easily adjustable without loose parts. The adapter has a soft TPE rubber pad which prevents scratching of the bicycle frame. Only for use with bicycle carriers with torque limiter button (e.g. ProRide 598, EasyFold, EuroClassic G6) and bicycle carriers with Thule AcuTight knob 528 as accessories. 

3. Thule EasyFold XT 3

The Thule Easy Fold XT offers everything you could wish for in a trailer hitch bike carrier. They can carry their bicycles to any destination, and when folded up it is no bigger than an ordinary suitcase and can be stored practically at home or in the car. With the Thule EasyFold XT, attaching the bike rack to the car as well as charging the bikes is as easy as you can wish thanks to many user-friendly features. Thanks to the innovative coupling, installation on the trailer coupling requires minimum effort, and attachment to the car is child's play. The bikes are easy to load and unload, and the optional ramp makes it even easier. When the bikes are charged, the practical folding mechanism means you can still reach the trunk. Available in versions for 2 or 3 bicycles, this stable carrier with high loading capacity is suitable for transporting all types of bicycles, regardless of their size or design. Whether it's a light road bike or a mountain bike, e-bike or even a fat bike, you can count on the Thule EasyFold XT. The Thule EasyFold XT is ideal for transporting large and heavy bicycles due to its high load capacity, the generous distance between bicycles and space for long wheelbase bicycles. The removable frame holders can be individually adjusted to different types of bicycles and, when tightened, signal by clicking sound when the optimum torque is reached to ensure that sensitive frames are not damaged. 

4. Thule EasyFold XT 2

The Thule Easy Fold XT offers everything you could wish for in a towbar bike carrier. With it, they can take their bikes to any destination, and when folded, it is no bigger than an ordinary suitcase and can be conveniently stored at home or in the car. With the Thule Easy Fold XT, attaching the bike carrier to the car is as easy as you could wish for, as is loading the bikes, thanks to many user-friendly features. Mounting on the towbar requires minimal effort thanks to the innovative hitch, and attaching to the car is a breeze. The bikes are easy to load and unload, and it's even easier with the ramp available as an accessory. When the bikes are loaded, you can still get to the boot thanks to the practical folding mechanism. With its high payload, generous space between the bikes and room for long wheelbase bikes, the Thule Easy Fold XT is ideal for transporting large and heavy bikes. The removable frame holders can be individually adjusted to suit different types of bikes and make a clicking sound when tightening to indicate when the optimum torque has been reached, ensuring that delicate frames are not damaged. Since every bike has a different frame geometry, it can happen from time to time that not every carrier is suitable for transporting the bike. At Thule, your safety and the safety of other road users, as well as protecting your bikes from damage, is our top priority. Therefore, the Thule Easy Fold XT has been extensively tested both in the Thule Test Center and under real conditions. With the Thule Easy Fold XT you can transport your bikes safely to any desired location - today and for many years to come. Completely foldable. 

5. Thule VeloSpace XT Bike Adapter

Increases the transport capacity of the Thule VeloSpace XT bicycle carrier by one bicycle. Easy to install thanks to unlocking buttons with return spring. With the Thule One-Key System you lock the bike and the adapter on the bike rack (locks are included).

Max. Payload 15 kg

Thule VeloSpace XT Bike Adapter
Bike racks

Thule VeloSpace XT Bike Adapter

6. Thule Fatbike Wheel Straps

A set of extra long rim retaining straps that allow the transport of fat bikes. Suitable for Thule EasyFold XT and Thule VeloSpace trailer hitch bike carriers.

Thule Fatbike Wheel Straps
Bike racks
Quantity discount
13.40 per piece for 2 units

Thule Fatbike Wheel Straps

7. Thule HikingWay 2

Fully assembled and with exact fit for the Volkswagen T6 for quick and easy installation. The payload can be increased to up to four bikes with adapters (adapters available separately). Due to the raised position of the carrier, the view of the rear lights and the license plate is maintained. Easy bike charging with removable bike holding arms with lockable Thule AcuTight torque limiter buttons that click when the optimum torque is reached. Easily charge bikes thanks to easily adjustable rails that slide from left to right. Adjustable ratchet wheel holders make it easy to attach wheels.
When the platform is not in use, it can be folded up vertically to the trunk. For locking the bikes on the bike carrier (lock included). Trunk can be opened without loaded bicycles.

8. Thule EasyFold XT loading ramp

No more heavy lifting - just push the bike onto the bike rack. The ramp can be stowed together with the bicycle rack for convenient storage.

9. Thule UpRide 599

The Thule UpRide meets all the expectations of cyclists who want to be particularly careful with their bike, quickly and easily: the product offers great protection for your bike frame, is suitable for almost all types of bikes, can be loaded easily and is safe. The front wheel does not have to be removed. The Thule UpRide gives your bike a secure grip just by fixing the front wheel. A wheel tensioning belt secures the rear wheel to the rail. Since no part of the bike rack comes into contact with the frame, the Thule UpRide is ideal for bicycles with carbon frames or other sensitive frames, mountain bikes and other types of bikes. Thanks to its versatile design, the carrier can accommodate bicycles of almost all designs and sizes, regardless of frame construction, braking system, suspension or wheel size. The Thule UpRide is suitable for bicycles from 20 to 29 inches with a wheelbase of up to 1,240 mm and tyres up to 3 inches wide (up to 5 inches with a special adapter) and a weight of up to 20 kg. Mounting the Thule UpRide on your vehicle is quick, easy and safe, on both sides of the vehicle roof. Since all loading operations are carried out at roof level, the bicycle rack can be conveniently used on any vehicle for cyclists of all sizes. To protect against theft, the bicycle carrier can be secured to the vehicle and the bicycle to the bicycle carrier with an integrated cable lock. The Thule UpRide has been thoroughly tested at the Thule Test Center, subjected to numerous crash tests and wear simulations and exposed to extreme heat, cold, humidity, sunlight and even aggressive chemicals. The product has also been tested under real conditions. This means you can be absolutely sure that your bike rack has been designed and tested with safety first and foremost in mind. 

10. Thule Rim protection adapter

Special protection for road and mountain bikes, placed between the belt and the rim.

Thule Rim protection adapter
Bike racks
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Thule Rim protection adapter