Skinners 2.0

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New they come as a versatile, patented minimalist 4-in-1 footwear with a lightweight, weatherproof yet durable design. Packed with a perforated insole, durable polymer sole and functional fibres. Designed to keep up with you no matter what adventure you're embarking on. Applications of Skinners: the goal was to create a compact yet protective footwear for sports and travel without the weight and size of normal shoes. Skinners offers footwear that is easy to use, transport and maintain without sacrificing comfort, functionality, fit or safety. The product, which adapts to your body, activates every muscle and tendon so you can move easily without limits. Thanks to its compact size and "second skin" feel, Skinners is the perfect footwear for sports (short runs, training, yoga, water sports) and works just as well as a pair of spare shoes (travelling, camping, hiking, cycling, etc...) Running and hiking : stretch and activate your feet. Skinners adapt to your body, activate every muscle and tendon and let your feet do their thing. Gym: non-marking outsoles are perfect for indoor use and promote natural posture for squats, deadlifts and other exercises. Running: enrich your workout (recommended on soft ground) by thoroughly activating all foot muscles and tendons. A session in Skinners will give you a complete understanding of foot mechanics. Water sports: slip and cut resistant outsoles give you the perfect grip even in wet conditions and keep you safe on sharp corals. Travelling: that 10-hour plane or bus ride can put a strain on your feet - trapped in shoes simply because you can't take them off due to the cold, dirty floor or embarrassing smell. Try skinners instead. Wherever: Rock climbing? Roller skating? Playing beach volleyball? Always take Skinners with you as your primary or backup shoe. The possibilities are endless. To be clear, skinners are not meant to completely replace your regular shoes. Instead, think of them as an addition to your shoe rack and training tool for your feet that reminds you what is natural for your body. Fabric composition: 45% polyamide/ 20% polyester/ 20% cotton/ 12% modal/ 3% elastane. Machine washable, gentle wash in wash bag at 30° The use of durable Swedish polymers, adhesive-free technology and three-layer StretchKnit (TM), makes Skinners durable yet comfortable to wear. Skinners' minimalist-character silhouette hides more than 10 features you can count on. Three-layer, quick-drying StretchKnit TM made from 6 functional fibres, a durable sole made from Swedish polymer, a perforated insole and an anatomical fit based on scans of thousands of feet - to name but a few. In addition, the formula of the outsole prevents excess material from crumbling off. The skinners are handmade in Europe using the unique, patented Zero-Waste technology. Designed to be the most adaptable footwear you will ever wear. That is: improved foot posture support. Extended durability. Wider toe box. Higher sweat absorption. A 3 layer construction. 6 different ultra-functional fibres. Breathable and removable 2 mm foam sole. Crumble free outsole. More size choices. Polymers from Sweden and finest yarn from Italy.

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