Equi-ping Safety connection

EQUI-PING is a safety tether for horses and ponies. This sturdy stable equipment product comes in different colours and is a must-have in terms of safety. Make sure that the EQUI-PING is attached to a metal ring, which is secure and stable. The EQUI-PING has a safety sleeve that slides over the locking mechanism - two small indentations hold the sleeve in the desired position.

For initial use, just slide two "arrowheads" into the mechanism and slide the sleeve over the mechanism. Depending on your needs and the tension required, you can also snap three or four "arrowheads" into place. The rope can now be easily pulled through the EQUI-PING and tied with an easy-to-open knot. Should the horse become frightened or panic for any other reason, the unique locking system will open when more than 80 kg of pressure is applied.

Once opened, the EQUI-PING can now be reattached to the tether ring and the locking mechanism engaged for reuse with the safety sleeve.

Key specifications

Halters + Guiding Knit Type
Head collar, Lead string
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