GRAPHENWAX 2.0 chain wax (Care set)GRAPHENWAX 2.0 chain wax (Care set)

AbsoluteBLACK GRAPHENWAX 2.0 chain wax

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ABSOLUTE BLACK GRAPHENwax is a wax with a specially modified crystal structure and high-purity graphene additives that is liquid when applied and becomes almost solid when it dries on the chain. Wax-based
lubricants have a far greater tolerance to water and dirt contamination, successfully separating moving chain parts from abrasion and filling in any imperfections on friction surfaces. Graphene - the wonder material that is still not widely used due to its incredibly high cost, is a great additive for several reasons. It has an extremely low coefficient of friction in all environments, is far stronger than any known material and can adhere to metal and protect friction surfaces from excessive abrasion. It also repels water and is not permeable to air, reducing oxidative stress on the metal surface. Just a single atomic layer is enough to significantly reduce friction.ABSOLUTE BLACK spent two years researching to find the right ratio of friable to non-friable graphene, the size of the graphene platelets, the concentration and finally a low-friction hydrocarbon emulsion base that stays on the chain for a very long time and does not flake off, as is known from paraffin wax. The end result is a lubricant that maintains friction losses of less than 5 watts over a distance of 900 kilometres in a single application.Technical data:Area of application: Lubrication and preservation of chainsMaterial: Hydrocarbon waxes with a special blend of high-purity graphene, without harmful solventsCompatibility: for all chains (clean beforehand)Filling quantity: 340 gWeight according to manufacturer: 340g +/-4g (4 pieces)Weight even weighed: 85g (1 piece), 340g (4 pieces)Scope of delivery: 1x absoluteBlack GRAPHENWAX 2.0 hot wax, 325g.

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Scope of delivery
1x absoluteBlack GRAPHENWAX 2.0 hot wax

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