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Putting # New Balance running shoes to the test

Our range of running shoes includes over 2,000 products. So far so good, but which shoes are the right ones for me? Pia Seidel and I are testing running shoes from a range of manufacturers. Let’s start collecting kilometres with our first candidate: New Balance.

I’m an overpronator – don’t worry, this isn’t anything naughty. What it means is that I have flat feet that tilt inward during running. It’s just that «overpronation» sounds better than «flat feet». They’re the only feet I have, so they’re the ones I’m using to test the running shoes «1260 V7» by New Balance. My verdict? They’re the ones for me and my flat feet. When I started running, it got really bad. I ended up with a tendon sheath inflammation in both ankles and was forced to wear orthopaedic insoles and stop running for months. I have my feet under control now, but I still need to be really careful when I go running. This is why I wear shoes with support and cushioning.

They’re comfortable and don’t hurt my feet

Each manufacturer has its own technology. With Asics, it's gel; with Adidas, it's Boost. I'm testing the «1260 V7» by New Balance with Abzorb® technology. This is a special midsole that – as New Balance states – works by dispersing the forces out from the point of impact and reducing the shock that is transferred through the shoe. I ran exactly 32.31 kilometres with the 1260 V7 – 17.4 km on the road and 14.91 km on the treadmill. And lo and behold, my feet didn't complain a bit. No pain, no irritated Achilles tendons, no swelling. Good job.

  • M1260BO7 NBX 1260 v7 (45)
  • M1260BO7 NBX 1260 v7 (45)
  • M1260BO7 NBX 1260 v7 (45)
CHF 179.–
New Balance M1260BO7 NBX 1260 v7 (45)


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What about the look?

Running shoes never used to be known for looking good. But this is another aspect in which manufacturers have improved massively: Today’s running shoes are even suitable as office shoes. Personally, I almost exclusively wear running shoes to work.

The 1260 V7 model for men is available in two colours: «Thunder with black» and «Pacific with black & flame». I wonder if «inventing weird-sounding colours» is a job? Whatever. I’m wearing the second colour combination. Blue is one of my favourite colours and goes well with my feet.

My conclusion

New Balance's 1260 V7 running shoes are a good match for my flat feet. And I like their look, too. Yet, weighing in at over 330 grams, they're a bit too heavy for my taste. Having said that, most models with support are too heavy for me. Would I buy these shoes? Absolutely. At 160 francs, the price is also right, I'd say. But remember: Just because I like them doesn't mean you would, too. When it comes to running shoes, it takes quite a bit of trying and testing to find out which brand and model is right for your feet.

Now it’s Pia’s go

Let’s see what Pia has to say about her pair of New Balance running shoes. As our design cheerleader, Pia Seidel, isn’t only testing this women’s model for performance, but is also taking a good look at their design.

A second opinion

I’ve put the running shoe «1500 v4 » by New Balance to the test. This shoe also has REVlite cushioning to give you extra support. I need all the support I can get – incidentally, I too have flat feet. This model features mesh upper material, FantomFit overlays and Meta-Lock mid-foot securing system for extra stability.

I covered 29.85 km in total on concrete and gravel surface. My feet didn’t hurt once and there was absolutely no sign of blisters. Too good to be true? Almost, especially, as I’ve been wearing Nike shoes for years – not only for running, but also in everyday life. When it comes to furniture design, I don’t miss any news. In this case, I realised that – although I didn’t have any pain in my old Nike runners either – I missed out on quite a few style updates over the years.

  • W1500WR4 Competition 1500 v4 (41)
  • W1500WR4 Competition 1500 v4 (41)
  • W1500WR4 Competition 1500 v4 (41)
New Balance W1500WR4 Competition 1500 v4 (41)


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The design

What I particularly like about these New Balance running shoes is the attention to detail that's noticeable when it comes to the speckled sole, for example. The colour of the sole matches the fine stripes on the mesh upper. The logo is made up of lines and has blurred edges, which makes it look like it's moving. These shoes are predominantly white, so they go with almost everything. I'd combine them with black trousers or blue jeans and wear them all day long. As the lining is black, the transition to my mostly black sports socks also looks smooth.

My conclusion

The mesh upper doesn’t only look good, it also makes sure my feet don’t sweat as much in hot temperatures and my toes have enough room to move. The thin silicone tongue makes these running shoes more comfortable than my former ones. I can’t feel it, even when I’m wearing really low sports socks. The mesh upper giving my feet a lot of room to move means these shoes are comfortable, but also that I don’t get as much support as I’d like. Sure, they passed the Instagram test with flying colours, but I need shoes that give my feet more stability and support.

Here’s our full Galaxus range of running shoes

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