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May the tent be with you! Star Wars, home and hammock tents

Movies can change the world; you can feel at home anywhere and a tent is without a doubt more than just a shelter. These three tents prove this quite clearly.

Camps sites are passé – with these tents from Galaxus, you’ll conquer the planet and explore areas that (almost) no one has entered before you. Let me tell you the story behind three unusual tents.

The return of the Jedi

Three trees and a tent make for a perfect treehouse – made possible by the British brand Tentsile. Architect and inventor Alex Shirley-Smith has been dealing with living accommodation and treehouse architecture for years. As a young boy, he saw the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest on the BBC news. A few weeks later, his grandmother took him to see «Star Wars: Return of the Jedi».

The Ewok tree village on Endor planted an idea in his mind: Our forests will only survive if trees have a value to us humans other than a monetary one. In 2003, Alex Shirley-Smith and his co-inventor and designer Kirk Kirchev sold their first treehouse. The company has been campaigning against deforestation in the Amazon and supporting the restoration of healthy forests in Haiti, Madagascar and Nepal ever since.

These lightweight tents made of high-quality materials are easy to set up when you’re travelling or in your own garden. All you need are three trees and you'll have a reliable roof over your head in any weather.

«Tentsile Connect» is a small tree tent. The Safari version is made of UV-resistant material. It has a maximum capacity of two adults or one adult and two children ad takes 15 minutes to set up. This tent comes with four side entrances and an insect mesh that prevents even the smallest bugs from getting into your bedroom. The included rain cover withstands rain up to 3000 millimetres. It's removable and can be put up above the ground, creating a covered area under your tent and allowing you to enjoy the starlit sky on a clear night.

  • Connect Safari (Tree tent, 2pers., safari brown)
  • Connect Safari (Tree tent, 2pers., safari brown)
  • Connect Safari (Tree tent, 2pers., safari brown)
CHF 999.–
Tentsile Connect Safari (Tree tent, 2pers., safari brown)


  • approx. 4–6 weeks
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New on Galaxus

flying tent is a new product in our range. Four new products to be precise; flying tent is hammock tent, bivi tent, hammock and rain poncho in one.

Just like all products from flying tent, the «Ocean View» offers space for one person and is suitable for a short break outdoors, as well as for tours in different terrain.

Unlike traditional tents, flying tent allows you to set up camp on any surface. Adjusting to your surroundings, this tent can be set up as a hammock tent between two trees or as a one-person bivi tent on the ground. You can make yourself at home in the most unusual places: on steep slopes, on cold or humid underground, over rivers, in the moor – or simply in your orchard. With a built-in insect mesh, your flying tent keeps you safe from any creepy crawlies. If you don’t need the insect mesh or rain cover, just remove one or both of them and enjoy your tent as a hammock. In rainy conditions, your tent is quickly converted into a rain poncho.

  • Ocean view (Tree tent, 1pers., oceanview)
  • Ocean view (Tree tent, 1pers., oceanview)
  • Ocean view (Tree tent, 1pers., oceanview)
Flying Tent Ocean view (Tree tent, 1pers., oceanview)
Hammock tent, bivouac tent, hammock and rain poncho all in one. The ultimate flying tent offers you complete protection for the outdoor area.


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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Welcome home!

Home – that’s the place where you belong, where you feel at ease and where you enjoy peace of mind. What if this place could be anywhere in the world? Here one day, there the next. The entire planet is your home. Inspired by the designer and visionary Richard Buckminster Fuller, the Hamburg company Heimplanet launched the first inflatable tent in 2011. «The Cave» resembles a geodesic dome, also called Fuller dome. These futuristic domes are often seen in science fiction movies or at exhibitions.

All it takes is a pump and in less than a minute The Cave will be pitched. It’s extremely stable, weatherproof and has a maximum capacity of three people. Five closable ventilation points and the entrance ensure sufficient air exchange and a good climate inside the tent. Multiple sewn-in bags inside the tent offer storage space and a vestibule at the entrance provides room for cooking equipment or other items. In case of a defect, five individual chambers provide emergency stability. The Cave will take you anywhere you want to go – it doesn’t have to be Mars, right?

  • The Cave (Inflatable tent, 3pers., White, Black)
  • The Cave (Inflatable tent, 3pers., White, Black)
  • The Cave (Inflatable tent, 3pers., White, Black)
CHF 650.–
Heimplanet The Cave (Inflatable tent, 3pers., White, Black)


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Information subject to change.

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