Vacuum sealers

As vacuum is not a habitat, it is ideal to be used as a method of conservation. Perishables are placed in gas-tight plastic envelopes and are given longer shelf lives due to the absence of atmospheric oxygen, which causes the process of ageing and decay. In this way, metabolic and oxidation processes are slowed down. 

Bye-bye BBQ, hello sous vide


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Solis - EasyVac Pro Typ 569 including vacuum sealer foil

Solis - EasyVac Pro Type 569

Trisa - Vac & Seal

Solis - Vac Plus

Caso - VC 300 Pro

Solis - Vac Premium

Solis - Vac Professional Type 572

Kibernetik - 260

Solis - Verti Vac Plus

Caso - VC 9

FoodSaver - FFS017X

Caso - VC 10

Caso - 1221 (Film roll)

Tefal - Vacuum film roll (2x, Film roll)

Solis - lunch boxes (2x, 0x, 0x, 0.60l, Bin)