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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Nachtmann Noblesse

This classy set contains 4 whiskey glasses made of finest crystal glass.

2. Nachtmann gin & tonic

The Gin & Tonic glass from Nachtmann impresses above all with its extravagant look. The 24 vertically blown lines give the glass a brilliant and glamorous look. On the table and when serving the popular cult drink, the gin & tonic glasses are an eye-catcher. In the hand, the crystal glasses invite you to turn, swirl and enjoy. 

Nachtmann gin & tonic (Gin and tonic, 6.40 dl, 4 x)
Spirit glasses

Nachtmann gin & tonic

Gin and tonic, 6.40 dl, 4 x

3. Ferm Living Ripple Long Drink Glasses

This set of four mouth-blown glasses from ferm Living's Ripple Dishes series is characterised by a beautiful ribbed surface and an individual look, because each individual pair of glasses has a different shape. The vertical shaft of the lens inspires - not only optically - but also offers a firm hold, so that the ferm Living glasses fit very well in the hand. The Ripple Glasses can be easily stacked for space-saving storage of the glasses in the kitchen cupboard. To go with the glasses, there is also a ribbed decanter - a stylish set for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Ferm Living Ripple Long Drink Glasses (Long Drink, 3 dl, 4 x)
Spirit glasses

Ferm Living Ripple Long Drink Glasses

Long Drink, 3 dl, 4 x

4. Leonardo Daily Mug Set of 6

The cups of the daily series captivate with their uncomplicated elegance and fit particularly well in the hand. The solid ice floor not only looks great, it also provides a secure footing. 

Leonardo Daily Mug Set of 6 (Long Drink, 3.10 dl, 6 x)
Spirit glasses
29.80was 40.–

Leonardo Daily Mug Set of 6

Long Drink, 3.10 dl, 6 x

5. Leonardo Ging glasses

Leonardo Cocktail-Set GIN 630 ml, 2 pieces.

Leonardo Ging glasses (Gin and tonic, 6.30 dl, 2 x)
Spirit glasses
23.–was 25.–

Leonardo Ging glasses

Gin and tonic, 6.30 dl, 2 x

6. Nachtmann Stirring glass 'Noblesse

Stirring glass 'Noblesse' made of crystal glass, 750 ml,height 17,6 cm. Suitable for the preparation of hot drinks with boiling water.

Nachtmann Stirring glass 'Noblesse (Cocktail, 7.50 dl, 1 x)
Spirit glasses

Nachtmann Stirring glass 'Noblesse

Cocktail, 7.50 dl, 1 x

7. Bormioli Rocco Diamond

This tumbler is part of the Diamond collection, where glass is treated like a jewel in a creation dedicated to fans of glass design. The collection stands out for its non-obvious shapes and the diamond processing. The cooler glass, available in the transparent version and in the purple and blue colored versions, has a capacity of 47 cl and is ideal for serving drinks and cocktails that require the addition of crushed ice. Its iconic design adds a note of originality to the more sober mise en place. Aesthetic pleasure marries functionality: the tumbler is dishwasher safe. 

8. Kikkerland Shot

Shot mug metal 4 pieces with leather case by Kikkerland.

9. Specter & Cup Premium Cocktail Bar Set Lion

Lion - the King. The set includes four high-quality and 100% handmade copper mugs of the Specter series with matching straws. Specter shines with its bulbous, yet elegant cut and is the classic cup for every Moscow Mule. The set also offers a bar spoon and measuring cups so that the drink can be prepared quickly and deliciously and offers the perfect drinking experience. All products come delivered in a classy black premium box. Guaranteed 100% handcrafted items and an unforgettable drinking experience.PERFECTLY EQUIPPED - The set comes with matching straws. Also included is a bar spoon and measuring cup, so you're perfectly equipped to make any drink quickly and deliciously.AN UNFORGETTABLE DRINKING EXPERIENCE - Drinking from a copper mug also gives the drink an incredibly great taste and makes for unforgettable drinking experience. In addition, unlike glasses, the copper keeps the drink ice cold for a long time, so it can be enjoyed for a long time. Cheers.100% HANDMADE - The noble mugs are exclusively handmade from pure copper. Only premium materials are used and no chemical coatings are used, so drinks can be enjoyed without worry.PREMIUM PRODUCTS - Specter & Cup is known for this above all else: Best quality and customer experience. To maintain this, all products go through a variety of quality controls to always provide premium quality. 

Specter & Cup Premium Cocktail Bar Set Lion (Moscow Mule, 5 dl, 4 x)
Spirit glasses

Specter & Cup Premium Cocktail Bar Set Lion

Moscow Mule, 5 dl, 4 x

10. Ritzenhoff Aperitif Glasses Summer Sonnet

Ritzenhoff Sommersonett Sprizz Aperitif Glasses 544 ml Set of 2 Fruits & Branches
Made in Germany

Berry delight: the aperitif glass set is reminiscent of a
summer walk in the woods. Cheeky berries in shades of pink and pink flash in the bushes and shrubs and promise fruity enjoyment. Summer now sets a rhythm to life that beats in time to newfound energy and gives it a very special sound. A refreshingly cool drink ready at any time - sometimes tangy, sometimes sweet, sometimes tart - and many feelings of happiness to preserve for the cold season. "Sommersonett" has captured this most beautiful time of the year and has detailed it with floral designs in delicate shades of pink.

Item details:
Diameter: approx. 9.3 cm
Height: approx. 22.5 cm
Capacity: approx. 544 ml
Feature: Dishwasher safe, Made in Germany
Scope of delivery: 2 glasses.

Ritzenhoff Aperitif Glasses Summer Sonnet (5.44 dl, 2 x)
Spirit glasses

Ritzenhoff Aperitif Glasses Summer Sonnet

5.44 dl, 2 x