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1. Bitz Egg cup

Colour: black, material: earthenware, dishwasher safe.

2. Paderno Eggcup set of 4

Paderno egg cup set of 4, white.

Paderno Eggcup set of 4 (4 x)
Egg cups
Quantity discount
11.10 CHF per piece for 2 units

Paderno Eggcup set of 4

4 x

3. 58 Products Kissing and dreaming

Also suitable as a mini bowl for small items that you would like to put on the table, such as
Spices, fleur de sel, herbs, wasabi or a scoop of ice cream. Delivered
in a beautifully designed box, the egg cups are also ideal as a gift. 

58 Products Kissing and dreaming (2 x)
Egg cups
28.80 CHF

58 Products Kissing and dreaming

2 x

4. WMF Eggcup

A real Evergreen is this egg cup with shelf made of highly polished Cromargan, stainless steel 18/10. The set contains 6 egg cups.

5. Zone Denmark Singles

Zone Egg Cup Singles Set of 4, Black.

Zone Denmark Singles (4 x)
Egg cups
28.90 CHF

Zone Denmark Singles

4 x

6. OXO Eggcup

With the OXO egg poachers you can now prepare perfectly poached eggs quickly and easily. A clever mark on the inside of the poker indicates exactly the right amount of water. In the next step, the beaten egg glides gently through the funnel shape into the water without running. The hole pattern in the lower part allows the boiling water to circulate optimally around the egg and thus ensures even cooking and an ideal shape. At the end the pocher can be easily pulled out of the water at a small silicone tab. The heat-resistant silicone is easy to clean and can be stacked upside down for easy storage. 

7. GEFU Egg piercer

Egg piercer made of stainless steel, housing highly polished, base matt, dishwasher safe.

GEFU Egg piercer (1 x)
Egg cups
Quantity discount
12.50 CHF per piece for 2 units

GEFU Egg piercer

1 x

8. GSD Egghead 'Chicken

EGG COWNER IN 'CHICKEN' DESIGN - Unique rotary cutting blade beheads the egg without breaking the shell, egg behead doubles as egg cup and warmer.

GSD Egghead 'Chicken (1 x)
Egg cups
15.90 CHF

GSD Egghead 'Chicken

1 x

9. My Basics Egghead

You want to enjoy your breakfast egg in the morning without worries? Then use the egg scoop from my basics! The 13.3 cm high, stainless steel egg scoop makes it much easier for you to open the egg shell: The special feature of the egg scoop is the spring balancer system! 

My Basics Egghead (1 x)
Egg cups
Quantity discount
13.30 CHF per piece for 2 units

My Basics Egghead

1 x

10. GEFU Purulent

Easily separating egg yolk and egg white. With mark-up edge. Suitable for dishwasher use.

GEFU Purulent (1 x)
Egg cups
Quantity discount
12.10 CHF per piece for 2 units

GEFU Purulent

1 x