Best products in the Cutlery trays category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Zeller Present Cutlery tray

This high-quality cutlery drawer made of fine bamboo has 6 - 8 separate compartments and adapts perfectly to any standard drawer. For an extra long service life, the cutlery box is provided with a gentle varnish, which makes it even easier to care for. flexibly extendable: 35-58 cm. 

2. Relaxdays Cutlery tray

The bamboo cutlery tray is individually adjustable in width by means of the two pull-out outer compartments. So it fits in every standard drawer. In its minimum width, the cutlery tray has 5 separate compartments with sufficient space for knives, forks, spoons and cake cutlery. If you pull the two outer sides of the cutlery tray apart, 2 further cutlery dividers open up for kitchen utensils such as whisks, cooking spoons etc. The cutlery basket is the ideal kitchen accessory for organising & sorting.bamboo is quickly renewable - an ecologically sustainable raw material. The chic drawer insert is made of real bamboo wood. The natural colour of the wood forms a pleasant contrast to high-quality stainless steel cutlery. Bamboo is robust against moisture and is ideal for use in the kitchen. 

3. Werkstarck Basic M

Fixed cut for direct insertion into LEGRABOX drawers with side thickness 16 mm, straight compartment division, effective use of the drawer due to narrow dividers, insertable additional parts for knives and spices 

4. Kesper Drawer divider

Practical drawer dividers, with adjustable spring mechanism, allowing them to adapt optimally to the drawer sizes. They are made of sturdy material and are stable and easy to clean. Keep your cupboards tidy. We are happy to help you with this. 

5. Kuhn Rikon Wave

Quickly find what you are looking for when you store everything in this Wave Drawer Organizer Set. The wavy base on each box makes it easy to grasp and remove items. If the drawers are deep, the organizers can stack and slide to double the amount of valuable storage space. Wave Drawer Organizers are suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 2.5 inches/6 cm. 

6. Hettich Cutlery trays OrgaTray 440

OrgaTray 440, 441 - 520 / 401 - 450, anthracite.

7. Kesper Cutlery tray

This pull-out cutlery tray can be used variably and offers you sufficient space for your cutlery. The cutlery tray can be adapted to all standard drawers in the kitchen. The cutlery box, which can be pulled out on both sides, offers up to 8 cutlery compartments and thus sufficient space for your knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons, salad servers, cutting knives, etc. The plastic cutlery storage box is very easy to clean, resistant to moisture and also sturdy and durable. The cutlery shown in the photo is not included. 

8. Kesper Cutlery container

Beautiful, lightweight universal block with 4 compartments.

9. Joseph Joseph Blox

Can type: Cutlery container
Material: Plastic
Type of plastic: Polypropylene (PP)
Colour: grey
Brands: Joseph Joseph
Country of origin: China
Style: Cosy.

10. Zeller Present Drawer organizer

Made of bamboo wood, with different graduations.