Best products in the Clothes irons category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Philips PerfectCare 7000 Series

Intelligent automatic steam boost
Get your ironing done quickly and with minimal effort - with the new motion sensor technology that recognises when you move the
iron and automatically releases steam.

Optimal TEMP
OptimalTEMP technology allows you to achieve excellent results with an ideal temperature setting. We guarantee that this iron will not cause burn marks on ironable fabrics if left unattended. You can safely leave the iron on your clothes or ironing board.

Powerful steam
Powerful, even steam output for efficient smoothing of even stubborn creases on thick fabrics.

No temperature setting required
Iron everything from jeans to silk without having to adjust the temperature and you are guaranteed no burn marks. Thanks to OptimalTEMP, you don't need a controller and don't have to make any settings. This makes pre-sorting laundry or waiting for the iron to heat up or cool down a thing of the past. You are always ready for any fabric.

Lightweight iron
The iron is amazingly light and comfortable to use. It glides effortlessly, reducing the strain on your wrist. Thanks to its minimal weight of only 800 g, it is also suitable for easy vertical smoothing of curtains and hanging garments.
and hanging garments.

Removable 1.8 litre water container
The transparent 1.8 litre water container offers you up to 2 hours of uninterrupted use. When the water tank is empty, the indicator reminds you to refill it. Simply top it up with tap water at any time using the large
fill cover with tap water at any time.

SteamGlide Elite soleplate
SteamGlide Elite is our best soleplate for optimum gliding properties and maximum scratch resistance. Its stainless steel base is twice as hard as a conventional aluminium base and our patented 6-layer coating with advanced titanium layer glides effortlessly for the fastest results.

EsayCalc system
Regular descaling protects your iron, extends its life and ensures optimum steam performance. Our exclusive EsayCalc system constantly collects limescale deposits. A display informs you when the container
needs to be emptied. Simply remove the cap and allow the water and limescale particles to drain away.

Philips PerfectCare 7000 Series (2100 W, 600 g/min)
Clothes irons
250.– CHF

Philips PerfectCare 7000 Series

2100 W, 600 g/min

2. Philips EasySpeed steam iron

With the EasySpeed iron you iron effortlessly and effectively with lots of steam to remove stubborn creases. With the scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate for effortless gliding on all fabrics and Calc Clean function for lasting performance. 

Philips EasySpeed steam iron (2000 W, 100 g/min)
Clothes irons
35.– CHF

Philips EasySpeed steam iron

2000 W, 100 g/min

3. Philips Steam iron

The Philips DST5020/21 steam iron offers fast and efficient smoothing of your clothes. Equipped with a high power and a non-stick and scratch-resistant SteamGlide Plus soleplate. The vertical steam function also ensures that even hanging garments can be freshened up effortlessly. 

4. Philips Steam Iron DST7040/81

The powerful steam burst penetrates deeper into the fabric to remove even the most stubborn creases. In addition, the iron is equipped with Philips' exclusive SteamGlide Elite soleplate for ultimate glide and maximum scratch resistance. The Quick Calc Release allows for easy cleaning of your iron and long-lasting steam performance. Our Drip Stop System also prevents spills and therefore stains from water droplets: so you can iron worry-free at any temperature. With the large 300 ml water reservoir, you'll need to refill less often, so you can iron more clothes in one go, and thanks to the 2400 watts, you're assured of fast heat-up and powerful performance, so you can get your ironing done in no time. The powerful and constant steam output passes up to 50% more steam through the fabric to remove wrinkles faster. Thanks to the vertical steam function, you can refresh clothes directly on the hanger and remove wrinkles from hanging curtains. No ironing board required. 

Philips Steam Iron DST7040/81 (2400 W, 250 g/min)
Clothes irons
62.50 CHF was 80.– CHF

Philips Steam Iron DST7040/81

2400 W, 250 g/min

5. Tefal Ultimate Pure

The Ultimate Pure steam iron from Tefal combines incredible steam performance with an exclusive limescale management system for perfect ironing results that last. Our new exclusive micro-limescale filter prevents residue or stains from forming during ironing, ensuring fully protected garments and flawless results. The variable steam output of up to 35 g/min ensures maximum efficiency. With an extra powerful steam output of 260 g/min, even stubborn creases can be removed effortlessly. 

6. Tefal Pro Express Ultimate Care

Smooth your clothes with full steam power and achieve perfect ironing results with the Pro Express Ultimate high pressure steam ironing station. The new high-pressure boiler technology offers efficiency on a professional level. The exclusive double protection system keeps your clothes in perfect condition. 

Tefal Pro Express Ultimate Care (2400 W, 550 g/min)
Clothes irons
213.– CHF

Tefal Pro Express Ultimate Care

2400 W, 550 g/min

7. Philips GC9650/80

Elite steam ironing station can be refilled at any time during ironing, can be used without problems on all ironable fabrics, even on delicate fabrics such as silk. Easy descaling and cleaning thanks to Easy De-Calc Plus with descaling reminder by light. 

8. Tefal QT2020 IXEO Power

The Smart Board adapts to all needs: From vertical steam smoothing to horizontal ironing up to the new 30° ironing position Discover a new, improved Textile care. The size is also excellent on all types of clothing coordinated.

The innovative high-pressure steam technology delivers excellent results thanks to exceptional steam capacity: up to 5.8 bar steam pressure, continuous steam delivery of up to 90 g/minute and powerful steam bursts of up to 200 g/minute.

A brand new design that provides a comfortable, carefree ironing experience. Equipped with a hand piece that weighs only half as much as a conventional steam iron, and with a precision ironing tip that allows you to iron the smallest details.

Enjoy improved textile care thanks to an adjustment-free technology, which can be used for your entire wardrobe without hesitation and is even suitable for sensitive garments made of silk, for example.

For an even more flexible and comfortable use, you have a removable base everywhere and at any time the possibility to freshen up e.g. curtains, furniture, etc.

The All-in-One device is ready for use in just 70 seconds and is ideal for daily use and the quick refreshment in between.

The strong steam power destroys up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria, freshens up your clothes and removes odours, for a hygienically perfect result.

Thanks to the small wheels under the station, it can be easily transported and stored in the the whole house.

You can look forward to lasting performance and results, which you can rely on day after day thanks to the lime rinsing system that protects your IXEO Power steam trowel and ... to keep it in good shape.

The large volume of the removable 1.1 l water tank allows for uninterrupted Ironing and convenient refilling.

Selected models include practical accessories such as the textile brush, which is designed for heavy fabrics, and a removable ironing board holder that allows steam smoothing relieved.

Tefal QT2020 IXEO Power (2170 W, 200 g/min)
Clothes irons
330.– CHF

Tefal QT2020 IXEO Power

2170 W, 200 g/min

9. Tefal Express Anti-Calc

The Express Anti-Calc steam ironing station convinces with a steam capacity that can deal with creases of any fabric type and delivers fast, reliable results. The removable anti-calc collector facilitates maintenance and ensures permanently high performance. This highly efficient steam ironing station allows safe ironing without the risk of burns and additional adjustments, and has an improved ironing sole with unique gliding properties. 

Tefal Express Anti-Calc (2400 W, 400 g/min)
Clothes irons
143.– CHF

Tefal Express Anti-Calc

2400 W, 400 g/min

10. Laurastar Lift Plus

The Laurastar Lift + Ultimate Black steam ironing station is equipped with a pulse steam system that emits steam in successive automatic pulses, thus guaranteeing a perfect result by means of optimum steam dosing.
Thanks to the professional iron with three-dimensional active sole, the steam is evenly distributed. This allows wrinkle removal in a single operation.
The Laurastar Lift + Ultimate Black steam ironing station is equipped with a special mat for putting down the hot iron. The scope of delivery also includes a protective sole for sensitive materials, a cable holder for the steam cable and an anti-lime cartridge.