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1. Leonardo Puccini Set of 6

Leonardo digestif glass Puccini 220ml, glass type: liqueur glass, colour: transparent, packaging unit: 6 pieces, volume: 2.2 dl, classic curved shape.

Leonardo Puccini Set of 6 (Aperitif, Grappa, Distilled beverage, 2.20 dl, 6 x)
Spirit glasses

Leonardo Puccini Set of 6

Aperitif, Grappa, Distilled beverage, 2.20 dl, 6 x


2. Nachtmann Noblesse

This classy set contains 4 whiskey glasses made of finest crystal glass.

3. Schott Zwiesel Classico

This classic glass for grappa and noble fruit brandies of the ''Classico'' series appears elegant, modern yet timeless and is therefore perfect for uncomplicated enjoyment. Made of break- and dishwasher-safe Tritan crystal glass, the series not only shines brilliantly, it also resists scratches. 

Schott Zwiesel Classico (Distilled beverage, Grappa, 0.95 dl, 1 x)
Spirit glasses

Schott Zwiesel Classico

Distilled beverage, Grappa, 0.95 dl, 1 x


4. Bormioli Rocco Diamond

This tumbler is part of the Diamond collection, where glass is treated like a jewel in a creation dedicated to fans of glass design. The collection stands out for its non-obvious shapes and the diamond processing. The cooler glass, available in the transparent version and in the purple and blue colored versions, has a capacity of 47 cl and is ideal for serving drinks and cocktails that require the addition of crushed ice. Its iconic design adds a note of originality to the more sober mise en place. Aesthetic pleasure marries functionality: the tumbler is dishwasher safe. 

5. Paderno Moscow Mule

Glass Type: Cocktail cup, Height: 9.5 cm, Packaging unit: 1 piece, Material: stainless steel, Colour: copper, Volume: 500 ml.

6. Leonardo Ging glasses

Leonardo Cocktail-Set GIN 630 ml, 2 pieces.

Leonardo Ging glasses (Gin and tonic, 6.30 dl, 2 x)
Spirit glasses

Leonardo Ging glasses

Gin and tonic, 6.30 dl, 2 x


7. Spiegelau Perfect

From the optics to the weight in the hand to the sound of the glasses, all the senses are addressed. Thanks to the special cut decoration, the glasses show a unique refraction of light and brilliance. At the same time, the bar glasses meet all the requirements of a modern bar. They are perfectly balanced in size and weight and are suitable for pre-cooling in standard freezers. The crystal glasses are extremely scratch resistant, robust and dishwasher safe. 

8. Leonardo Gin

With the tasteful drinking glass from the Gin series you can enjoy your drink even more. The relief technique, which ensures a very special recognition value, has an exclusive and high-quality effect. This angular drinking glass impresses with its extravagant style. With a good feeling for beauty, Leonardo conjures up even more variety in your daily life. The practical Gin drinking glass is dishwasher-safe and is therefore ideal for daily use. Here you receive a set consisting of 2 drinking glasses. You shouldn't hesitate any longer. You too can enjoy this beautiful drinking glass. Also an excellent choice as a gift. 

Leonardo Gin (Gin and tonic, 3.60 dl, 2 x)
Spirit glasses
Quantity discount
11.80per piece for 2 units

Leonardo Gin

Gin and tonic, 3.60 dl, 2 x


9. Leonardo Gin high

The relief technique gives the article a wonderful look and looks modern and elegant. This angular drinking glass is an absolute must-have. Spoil yourself with beautiful things in daily life - with Leonardo. The practical GIN drinking glass is dishwasher-safe and is therefore ideal for daily use. 

10. Leonardo Rock

Skirt has an octagonal or polygonal Basic form. Wide notches extending from the foot swing outwards into the smooth edge.