Top-rated products in the Beverage dispenser accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Kilner Drinks Dispenser Stand

Enjoy your drink dispenser or lemonade fountain safely with this practical stand! The moments of panic are over when you see your drink dispenser on your shaky table and no longer see your fresh drinks tip over because of clumsiness. The Kilner drink dispenser holder has five legs. 

2. Pearl Universal stainless steel tap for beverage dispenser

Serving drinks has never been so easy: With the tap you always dispense your drinks cleanly and accurately! It is the ideal accessory for your beverage dispenser and offers a high flow rate for quick filling.

- Suitable for all beverage dispensers with Ø 1.3 cm mounting opening

- Also ideal as an accessory for retro beverage dispensers RGS-350 and RGS-800

- Fill glasses quickly: high flow rate thanks to larger tap opening (0.7cm)

- Especially robust: made of solid stainless steel

- Easy to assemble and child's play to operate

- Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 25 mm, weight: 140 g

- Stainless steel tap including 4 locking rings (2 each of plastic and metal) and German instructions.

3. Leonardo Succo

Create great moments of enjoyment - with the lovingly designed beverage dispenser base from the Succo series. This round soft drink accessory is an absolute must-have and will delight you with its beautiful beige colour. The dreamlike wooden soft drinks accessory is a great eye-catcher. With a good feeling for beauty Leonardo brings even more variety into your daily life. 

4. Kilner Spare tap Drink dispenser

With this drink dispenser, pouring tasty drinks is particularly easy and simple. For the use of 5, 6 and 8 litre kilner drink dispensers.

5. Ich-zapfe Carbon dioxide capsules CO2, 10 pieces, 16g

Carbon dioxide capsules CO2 - 10 pieces pack of 1016g. Capsules CO2 carbon dioxide capsules are used in e.g. taps for 5 litre party kegs: Profi-Tap, Father's Day taps, Braufrisch 2000- small pressure reducers: CO2-Automatic, CEOMAT hose connection, KEG-CEOMAT with 5/8" or 3/4" screw connection- taps: Morphy Richards ZapfProfi, Draft&Fresh, Bier Maxx. 

6. Ich-zapfe Alcohol meter - 0°-100°

Alcohol meter - 0°-100° alcohol spindle. Only for alcohol/water mixtures. Not for wines and sweetened liqueurs. Range: 0-100 % vol. Width: 2.00 cm Height: 2.00 cm Length: 30.00 cm Weight: 0.03 kg. 

7. Ich-zapfe Fitting Screw-on cleaning container

Fitting for plastic cleaning container   - available as flat, combination, Köpi or basket fitting (please select the appropriate fitting when ordering).

8. Ich-zapfe 5 litre beer keg adapter, metal version, beer

Professional 5 liter can adapter for connection to a conventional dispensing system! -Very stable and durable metal design -Enjoy freshly tapped beer in small quantities Thanks to the beer tap you can remove the beer hose! - the beer remains safely stored in the barrel! - incl. built-in check valve, for clean piercing Handling: 1) Press the riser tube into the drum until the holder engages at the edge! 2) Attach the beer and Co2 hose to the adapter! Co2 - Input 3/4 inch Beer outlet 5/8 inch. 

9. Ich-zapfe Alcohol metre - Cartier and Gay Lussac scale

Alcohol meter - Cartier and Gay Lussac scale With the help of a copper parrot beak connected to the top of the condensation container, the alcohol meter also allows the reading of the alcohol content in an accurate and constant way at the outlet of the distillate, this model contains a Cartier and Gay Lussac scale. The Cartier scale was introduced in 1771 to control the liquor and was replaced by the Gay Lussac scale in 1824, which indicates the alcohol concentrate in volume. Material: Glass Weight: 0.2 kg Height X Diameter 17 cm x 16 mm Calibration: 20ºC. 

10. Ich-zapfe KEG coupler Micro-Matic type A, tap head

KEG coupler Micro-Matic type A, tap head   Stainless steel connector R 5/8" Pressure gas connection R 3/4".