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Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H is a further development of the Mi Air Purifier 2S. It removes 99.7% of particles, hair, dirt, smoke or other harmful substances from the air. The Air Purifier 3H uses a HEPA filter that can clean the finest particles out of the air. The Air Purifier 3H cleans up to 380 m3 per hour and thus offers 22% more power than the Purifier 2S. In addition to an automatic mode, in which a dedicated laser detects the particles in the air, the Air Purifier 3H works particularly quietly thanks to the post-mode. A total of six different modes can be selected. The high-contrast OLED touch display shows the current air condition, time and all other information. Since the Purifier 3H has no keys, the air outlet is not round as with the Purifier 2S, but is full-surface. The Purifier 3H is compatible with smart home systems like Alexa and Google Assistant and is remote controllable through the Mi Home App. 

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H (38 W)
Air purifier
171.90 CHF last new 202.45 CHF

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H

38 W

2. Philips Series 800

The Philips 800 series air purifier - a small but effective device that brings clean air into your home in a compact and simple way: the intelligent automatic air purification mode, controlled by a professional sensor, automatically detects and reacts to even the smallest changes in the air. The four-level color display for real-time air quality, from blue (good) to red (poor), gives you confidence about the air quality in your home. In sleep mode the indicator lights are dimmed. The air purifier works almost silently at 35 dB and provides clean air while you sleep. Ideal for use in the bedroom or children's room. 

3. Philips AC2889/10

The 2000i Series air purifier monitors air quality and purifies the air - then you get real-time air quality feedback on the screen and associated app. You can also use the app outdoors to determine air quality and obtain information on allergens. 

4. Philips Series 2000 AC2887/10

We spend 80-90% of our time indoors. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the air inside is 10-30 times more polluted than outside. For allergy sufferers in particular, this can mean a reduction in well-being and health. A clean and pure environment is a basic requirement for a life without complaints and a restful sleep. Philips air purifiers filter the indoor air, effectively removing allergens, smoke, particulate matter, gases, odors, bacteria and viruses. They are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. The AC2882 was confirmed by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) - based at the Charité Berlin - as particularly allergy-friendly. Philips VitaShield IPS air purification technology provides a natural process through high quality filters - without ionization or harmful ozone. Philips air purifiers even filter particles as small as 0.02 micrometers - 500 times smaller than air scrubbers. High-quality hepa filters, activated carbon filters and pre-filters reliably remove numerous pollutants such as pollen, dust, bacteria, viruses, mould, smoke, fine dust, ultra-fine particles down to a size of 0.02µm and even gases and odours from the air. In this way, up to 99.97% of common airborne allergens and 99.9% of bacteria are removed from the air. After use, the filters must be replaced after about one year (AC filter) or two years (Hepa filter). The allergy friendliness of the AC2887 was confirmed by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), based at the Charité Berlin. The high-quality filters can thus be proven to remove all types of allergens from the air. The first-class AeraSense sensor detects airborne contaminants reliably and accurately. It is comparable to professional sensors. Thanks to the improved detection, it can more effectively detect airborne contaminants, which are then removed by the air purifier. The unique numerical air quality display and integrated LED colour ring provide real-time information on air quality. The invisible air quality is thus made visible - for well-being and safety at home. The AC2887 is suitable for rooms up to 79m². The cleaning performance CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is 333m³/h. In sleep mode, the air purifier reduces fan speed and noise so you can sleep undisturbed. The lighting of the air purifier can also be dimmed and/or switched off as required. The general auto mode automatically regulates the cleaning performance according to the measured air quality. In the additional allergy mode, the cleaning performance is increased by 60% thanks to intelligent programming, which removes airborne allergens particularly effectively. The air purifier works very energy saving due to the effective cleaning process. Depending on the setting, it consumes between 11 W and 56 W during operation. 

Philips Series 2000 AC2887/10 (60 W)
Air purifier
684.– CHF

Philips Series 2000 AC2887/10

60 W

5. Electrolux PA91-604GY

Polluted indoor air can promote allergy and respiratory complaints, restrict general well-being and trigger various illnesses. The Pure A9 air purifier with modern filtration technology reliably removes allergens, pollutants, pathogens and odours. Pure A9 allows allergy sufferers to finally breathe deeply again: allergens such as pollen, fine dust, animal hair, dander, mould spores and mites are removed highly efficiently from the room air, along with pollutants and pathogens. The activated carbon filter contained in the 5-stage filter neutralises odours such as cooking smells and smoke quickly and efficiently. The high-performance complete filter with extra-long service life saves follow-up costs and offers an unrivalled solution to any indoor air problem. With the Electrolux Wellbeing App you can monitor, optimise and schedule air quality. Using a 6-level colour signal - from green to brown - the current air pollution level is displayed in real time on the appliance and the power is automatically adjusted in Smart mode. For the air to be cleaned, it must be moved. The patented AirSurround technology circulates the air in the room in a spiral to capture contaminants in every corner. Pure A9 PA91-604GY is recommended for a room size up to 129 m². 

6. Electrolux PA91-404GY

Polluted indoor air can promote allergy and respiratory complaints, limit the general well-being and trigger various diseases. The Pure A9 air purifier with advanced filtration technology provides healthier and fresher air in your home. The 5-stage filtration system removes allergens, pollutants, pathogens and odors. At the same time, Pure A9 is extremely quiet and easily copes with large rooms. 

7. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4

Finally breathe easy with the air purifier from Xiaomi. The Smart Air Purifier 4 finally allows all allergy sufferers to breathe deeply. This little helper frees your indoor air from house dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, fine dust and other allergenic substances. Controllable via the MI Home app, via Alexa and Google Assistant. A modern design which adapts to your interior. 

8. Philips AC3033/10 3000i Series

Fast and efficient air cleaning thanks to the new 3D system for air circulation with spiral air outlet and clean air in a 20 m² room in less than 8 minutes. Use intelligent, automatic ambient light control to adjust the light to the room environment - for the best feel-good factor for you and your family.
Real-time air quality at a glance: Numerical display of PM2.5, gas and allergen information to make it easy for you to feel comfortable. Minimalist. Stylish. Inviting. Fits perfectly to every interior. Unobtrusive and striking at the same time. Smart Sensoring technology detects in real time and automatically eliminates all three major indoor air threats: particles, harmful gases and indoor allergens. The professional sensor automatically scans air pollutants 60,000 times per minute, recognizes and reacts in real time to every occurrence of pollutants. The ambient light ring on top of the product provides an additional visual indication and ranges from blue (good) to red (bad) to indicate indoor air quality.

Philips AC3033/10 3000i Series (55 W)
Air purifier
314.– CHF

Philips AC3033/10 3000i Series

55 W

9. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C - smart air purifier for smaller rooms, LED display to indicate air quality, HEPA filter removes particles of 0.1 μm, including smoke, dust, pollen, mold and so on. Cleaning speed 320 m3 / h, cleans the air in the room about 106m2 per hour, noise 31-61dB depending on the mode. Control via mobile app, support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Mi Home. 

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C (29 W)
Air purifier
99.50 CHF last new 169.– CHF

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C

29 W

10. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

The Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro frees the air from particles, hair, dirt or other pollutants and is suitable for room sizes up to 60 m². The Air Purifier Pro uses a three-layer filter, including an activated carbon filter, to clean the air. The Air Purifier Pro cleans up to 500 m² per hour. The rotor blades are shaped in such a way that they completely cover the room at 360° and clean it. In addition to an automatic mode, in which a dedicated laser detects the particles in the air, the Air Purifier Pro works particularly quietly thanks to the post-mode. The high-contrast OLED display shows the current air condition, time and all other information. 

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro (29 W)
Air purifier
225.– CHF last new 428.– CHF

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

29 W