Best Leonardo products in the Spirit glasses category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Leonardo products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Leonardo Daily Mug Set of 6

The cups of the daily series captivate with their uncomplicated elegance and fit particularly well in the hand. The solid ice floor not only looks great, it also provides a secure footing. 

Leonardo Daily Mug Set of 6 (Long Drink, 3.10 dl, 6 x)
Spirit glasses
29.80was 40.–

Leonardo Daily Mug Set of 6

Long Drink, 3.10 dl, 6 x

2. Leonardo Ging glasses

Leonardo Cocktail-Set GIN 630 ml, 2 pieces.

Leonardo Ging glasses (Gin and tonic, 6.30 dl, 2 x)
Spirit glasses
23.–was 25.–

Leonardo Ging glasses

Gin and tonic, 6.30 dl, 2 x

3. Leonardo Ciao

Ciao+ is the further development of our most successful glass series ciao. Even more consistently made of Teqton, ciao+ is crystal clear, beautiful in sound and our crystal clear winner for everyday use. 

Leonardo Ciao (Distilled beverage, Shots, 0.60 dl, 6 x)
Spirit glasses
Quantity discount
12.10per piece for 2 units

Leonardo Ciao

Distilled beverage, Shots, 0.60 dl, 6 x

4. Leonardo Rock

Skirt has an octagonal or polygonal Basic form. Wide notches extending from the foot swing outwards into the smooth edge.

5. Leonardo Daily

Daily is Leonardo's entry-level series for good taste. Timeless design and good quality go hand in hand at Daily.

6. Leonardo Puccini Set of 6

Leonardo digestif glass Puccini 220ml, glass type: liqueur glass, colour: transparent, packaging unit: 6 pieces, volume: 2.2 dl, classic curved shape.

Leonardo Puccini Set of 6 (Aperitif, Grappa, Distilled beverage, 2.20 dl, 6 x)
Spirit glasses

Leonardo Puccini Set of 6

Aperitif, Grappa, Distilled beverage, 2.20 dl, 6 x

7. Leonardo Hurricane Bar

These timeless cocktail glasses fit every style and every bar! The matching cocktail pickers in trendy colours complete the set. Thus the set is not only suitable for your own party equipment but also as a gift for dear friends. 

8. Leonardo Whisky glass Capri 220 ml, 4 pieces, Transparent

Material: soda-lime glass, Height: 9 cm, Volume: 220 ml, Packaging unit: 4 pieces, Detail color: Transparent.

Leonardo Whisky glass Capri 220 ml, 4 pieces, Transparent (2.20 dl, 4 x)
Spirit glasses

Leonardo Whisky glass Capri 220 ml, 4 pieces, Transparent

2.20 dl, 4 x

9. Leonardo Ciao+

The grappa glass Ciao by Leonardo turns a simple table into a very special table. Each glass is made of durable Teqton. This makes the glass not only crystal clear, but also very beautiful in sound. It is perfect for everyday use. 

Leonardo Ciao+ (Grappa, 0.85 dl, 1 x)
Spirit glasses
Quantity discount
11.10per piece for 2 units

Leonardo Ciao+

Grappa, 0.85 dl, 1 x

10. Leonardo Gin

With the tasteful drinking glass from the Gin series you can enjoy your drink even more. The relief technique, which ensures a very special recognition value, has an exclusive and high-quality effect. This angular drinking glass impresses with its extravagant style. With a good feeling for beauty, Leonardo conjures up even more variety in your daily life. The practical Gin drinking glass is dishwasher-safe and is therefore ideal for daily use. Here you receive a set consisting of 2 drinking glasses. You shouldn't hesitate any longer. You too can enjoy this beautiful drinking glass. Also an excellent choice as a gift.