Best Wesco products in the Household bins category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Wesco products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Wesco Kickmaster

A step on the foot step and the particularly large throw-in of the waste bin opens. Due to the built-in damper, the Kickmaster closes particularly quietly and odoursare kept safely inside. The kick waste bin can be opened hands-free by foot, so that even bulky waste can be comfortably placed in the opening with both hands. The Kickmaster is available in the coloured version made of powder-coated sheet steel or stainless steel. It has a capacity of 33 litres, which makes it the perfect waste bin for the kitchen, the office or even the doctor's surgery. Its insert is made of robust metal. The plastic ring at the bottom of the body protects the floor. 

2. Wesco Pushboy

The garbage is thrown in through a large stainless steel flap. It ensures odour-free disposal of the waste. The material consists of high-quality powder-coated sheetsteel or stainless steel. The plastic edge at the bottom protects the floor. The insert is made of metal. 

3. Wesco Cosmetic bin

Wesco cosmetic bin with a volume of 5 litres made of matt stainless steel.

4. Wesco Classic Line storage tin

The canister closes tightly and is the perfect storage for coffee, sugar, flour etc…

5. Wesco Kickboy

Classic design complemented by the practical footrest that opens the flap.

6. Wesco single master

Allround waste collector in retro design and in the style of the classic Wesco-Kickmaster. Ideal for smaller households, workrooms, children's rooms or bathrooms.Fold away the two halves of the closure towards the inside. 

7. Wesco pedal waste bin beige (175861-57)

Push two is a beautiful bag! He has two chambers with two separate hatches for garbage disposal... The Recycle Bin is made of high quality powder lacquered steelsheets, high quality stainless steel formwork. Classic shape and beauty 

8. Wesco Pedal bin

The pedal bin from Wesco is a practical element for your kitchen, bathroom or even your study. With a total capacity of 3 litres it offers space for all kinds ofwaste. The bucket is made of powder-coated metal and the base ring of plastic. In addition, the pedal bin appears in a modern red, so that it is not only practical but also visually appealing. 

9. Wesco Soft pedal waste bin 14 litres stainless steel

Wesco Soft pedal waste bin 14 litres stainless steel (14 l)
Household bins
112.41 CHF

Wesco Soft pedal waste bin 14 litres stainless steel

14 l

10. Wesco Kickmaster Classic Line Soft

The Wesco classic in a new look: with particularly stable base in retro look. New: The built-in damper ensures almost noiseless closing of the access flaps at thetop. The hygienic 33-litre plastic insert is easy to clean. With anti-slip floor ring.