A beautifully laid table is a magical thing. It looks inviting and is a great stage for your food. Matching your interior design, plates can support the overall look of your table and make it even more fun to arrange dishes such as colourful desserts. Plates can be made from many materials, ranging from glass, wood, metal and stone to classic ceramics. Ceramic plates are elegant and timeless, especially in white. Plates with a colourful pattern or a light structure are more modern. Whether round or square, the design of your set of plates is part of every meal and can also be different in summer and winter. Light colours for porcelain dishes are nice and eye-catching for outdoor aperitifs, while dark colours are particularly elegant for Christmas dinners. No matter which plate you choose and which variation you serve, your guests will be delighted at the sight of your cooking skills. In addition to their design, plates can also be microwave or dishwasher safe and ovenproof. This means, you can use them in a variety of ways while cooking and they are easy to clean after the meal. Discover our wide range of tableware with well-known brands such as Alessi, Kahla, Bloomingville, Serax, Arzberg, Villeroy & Boch, Pillivuyt, Maxwell & Williams, Hutschenreuther and many more and buy your ideal set of plates.