Closure for bottles, pots and other containers.

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Tefal - Ingenio (Glass, Silicone)

Metaltex - Splash guard Duo (Stainless steel, Plastic)

Cucina & Tavola - Step cover (30cm, Stainless steel, Glass)

Tefal - Ladle lid (32cm, Stainless steel, Plastic, Glass)

Le Creuset - Pans Splash guard (30cm, Stainless steel, Silicone)

Tefal - Glass lid (24cm, Stainless steel, Glass)

Tefal - Ingenio multi-cover (28cm, Stainless steel)

Tefal - Glass lid

Ballarini - Glass lid (28cm, Plastic, Glass)

Metaltex - Gas stove top (Metal)

Le Creuset - Splash guard (24cm, Stainless steel)

Tefal - Ingenio (Silicone)

Metaltex - Cover holder (Metal)

Demeyere - Glass lid with stainless steel ring 28cm (28cm, Stainless steel, Glass)

Cucina & Tavola - Step cover (24cm, Stainless steel)