A cooktop just has burners on the top and is usually installed into a countertop. A drop-in range has both burners on the top and an oven and hangs from a cutout in the countertop (that is, it cannot be installed free-standing on its own). 

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Rotel - U1101CH

Rommelsbacher - THL 2597/A

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Proficook - ECI 1062

Rotel - Induction plate 1119

Rommelsbacher - RK 501

Trisa - Induction hob

Caso - S-Line 2400

Severin - KP 1091

WMF - Cult X Mono

efbe-Schott - TKG CKP 1001

Rotel - U1118CH

Rommelsbacher - Single hotplate

Severin - DK1031

Rommelsbacher - THS2022