Hard floor cleaners

A hard floor cleaner is a cleaning device that is suitable for removing dirt and adhesions from hard floors such as tiles, parquet and natural stone. Visually, a hard floor cleaner looks like a cordless vacuum cleaner. But the difference is that a hard floor cleaner combines three steps into one, these are vacuuming, mopping and drying. Hard floor cleaners have large rollers to gently clean the different types of floors. Since it only damp mops the floors and does not wet them, a hard floor cleaner is also best for wooden floors. It is to decide when buying whether you want a hard floor cleaner battery operated or with cable.

Water is poured into a water tank. If you want to buy a hard floor cleaner from brands such as Kärcher, it is worth buying the appropriate cleaning agent as well. Used according to the manufacturer, you can clean your hard floor particularly gently. During use, the solvent is only slowly added to the roller. Thus, you usually need no more than half a liter of cleaning solution for 60m2. An important component of a hard floor cleaner is the dirty water tank. In this the dirty water is collected but also dust and other dirt. Both tanks can be removed and easily filled or emptied. By separating the two containers, hygienic and allergen-friendly floor cleaning is possible.

With us you can buy hard floor cleaners from well-known brands like Kärcher and Bissell.