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    Pia's Picks: A nice tip to drink more water

    by Pia Seidel

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    At home with Barbie - these are the pieces of furniture and design classics from the film

    by Pia Seidel

Carafes + Jugs

A carafe is a must for a classy table decoration. Water carafes are available with or without lids. The advantage of a lid is that insects can't get into the carafe in summer and drinks stay fresh longer. Some models by brands such as WMF, Sagaform or Eva Solo have an integrated sieve to retain ice cubes when pouring a drink. A sieve is also used to flavour water with fruit or fresh mint leaves. If you're going for a vintage table look, use a classic whisky carafe for water. Whiskey carafes are available in both individually and in sets with matching glasses and are a great gift for anyone who loves exquisite whiskies. Use the filter option «Material» to find carafes made of plastic, ceramic or glass.